The leader of the DUP hopes to reach an agreement with Mae this week

© AP Photo / PA/Niall Sahapov the Northern Irish democratic unionist party DUP Arlene foster while summing up the results of parliamentary elections in BelfastThe leader of the DUP hopes to reach an agreement with Mae this week© AP Photo / PA/Niall Carson

The leader of the Democratic unionist party (DUP) in Northern Ireland, Arlene foster expressed hope for reaching agreement with the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may on cooperation this week, reports Sky News.

«We returned to London, and my hope is that we will be able to complete the transaction with the Conservative party … I really hope this week we will be able to sign two agreements», — quotes the channel of a foster. It is noted that, presumably, foster will hold a meeting with may on Monday morning.

According to foster, the agreement may have a positive impact on Northern Ireland. The DUP leader added that the agreement will be «fully transparent». In addition, they declare.

As reports Reuters with reference to the representative of the party DUP, meeting foster and Mei will be held in the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing street at 10.30 local time on Monday (12.30 GMT).

In the UK on 8 June General elections were held. The conservatives gained in the parliamentary elections only 318 seats — 12 less than they had in the previous Parliament, and eight less than needed for an absolute majority.

As a result the elections, which the Prime Minister Theresa may initiated to strengthen the position of the party and your personally turned a «hung Parliament» and the necessity of forming a coalition, and the Prime Minister is now fighting for the preservation of the post. May talks about a possible agreement with the DUP, which won the election with ten mandates.

Officially, the agreement is expected to be announced this week.