The mayors of four of the six major Italian cities will be the center-right

© Flickr / Enrico Devitalise the city of Genoa. Archival photoThe mayors of four of the six major Italian cities will be the center-right© Flickr / Enrico Egeo

In most large Italian cities, where Sunday was the second round of voting in mayoral elections, won by the representatives of center-right forces, according to the first preliminary voting data shown in the TV channel Rainews24.

On Sunday, Italy had the second tour of partial administrative elections. Residents of more than 110 cities chose mayors from pairs of candidates who failed to overcome the 50 percent barrier in the first round of voting on 11 June.

Candidates from the center-right is a chair of mayors in such major centers of the areas and provinces of Genoa, Benevento, Verona and Catanzaro. In Taranto mayor will be the representative of the centre-left, and finally in Parma won by an independent candidate. In those cities where each other is directly resisted by the candidates from left and center-right, the voters gave preference to the first only in Taranto, allowing the whole talk about the unsuccessful outcome of the vote for center-left political bloc.

Polling stations are open from 7 am to 23 PM local time (midnight Monday Moscow time). The turnout, according to preliminary data, exceeded 46%. The vote, analysts say, is to show the distribution of forces before the upcoming General elections, scheduled for early 2018.