The tramp and the girl from Syria entered the list of the most influential people online at a Time

© AFP 2017 / Natalia KolesnikovaОбложка of Time magazine on the screen. Archival photoThe tramp and the girl from Syria entered the list of the most influential people online at a Time© AFP 2017 / Natalia Kolesnikova

The American weekly Time magazine has recognized US President Donald trump and the girl-bloggers from the Syrian city of Aleppo, Banu Alabed one of the most influential people on the Internet.

The White house joined the list of «25 most influential people online» according to the publication due to his regular messages in your personal and official account on Twitter microblog. In some cases, as the newspaper notes, messages, causing a mixed reaction among the public and among officials, «hurt his presidency.»

«But, despite perhaps never-ending drama, or because of it, trump is now the world leader with the largest number of followers on Twitter, which gives him the opportunity to effectively convey their message on their own terms,» writes the magazine.

Girl from Aleppo, Syria, became famous also due to its message on Twitter, of which, according to the magazine, the world learned about «the horrors of the civil war in Syria at a time when not so many journalists could get to the region.» In December last year, the girl’s parents left Aleppo and moved as refugees to Turkey.

Earlier, some media questioned the existence of a seven year old girl and her mother, who supposedly helps her microblog, referring to their excessive activity, good knowledge of English and presence of the Syrian opposition among those whom they follow on Twitter. According to Time, Syrian President Bashar Assad called account girl anti-government propaganda.

In the list of most influential people on the Internet also entered the Russian blogger Alexei Navalny, British writer J. K. Rowling, American singer Katy Perry and Rihanna and star of the American reality show Kim Kardashian.