The US wants to legalize through UN the invasion of third countries, media reported

© Fotolia / Jörg Nekempte-apartment of the United Nations in new York cityThe US wants to legalize through UN the invasion of third countries, media reported© Fotolia / Jörg Hackemann

Washington plans to seek the inclusion of regional branches of «al-Qaeda»* and the «Islamic state»* in the list of terrorist organizations, the UN, the newspaper «Izvestia», citing sources in the Russian diplomatic circles.

If the proposal receives support, Washington in accordance with us law will be able to start a special operation on the territory of third countries, experts say.

Against suggestions the US are Russia and some other countries, in particular Egypt. In Cairo believe that the inclusion in the list of the regional branch of «al-Qaeda» will point to the inability of local authorities to cope with the threat on their own. Moscow is skeptical of the initiative because a group of terrorists affiliated with these organizations, as a rule, few in number, and the authorities unable to cope with the threat themselves, added the sources.

«By expanding the list of terrorist organizations Americans are going to legalize it (mainly for themselves) intervention in the Affairs of other States», — stated in the article.

In June, the UN General Assembly approved the establishment within the organization of the counter-terrorism control. The new body was headed by the Russian diplomat Vladimir Voronkov.

The main objective of the Department — international unification of concepts «terrorism» and the creation of a single list of terrorist organizations and individual criminals. Media, citing sources in the Russian foreign Ministry reported that Moscow will form a single list and present it to the management.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia