Cassini photographed the sunrise on Saturn

© NASA / JPL-Caltech/ Space Science InstituteКольца of Saturn on the background of the rising SunCassini photographed the sunrise on Saturn© NASA / JPL-Caltech/ Space Science Institute

. The probe «Cassini» received pictures of Saturn at the moment of sunrise, the rays which have just begun to illuminate the rings of a giant planet and the tops of the clouds, according to the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Recently Cassini has officially launched the final phase of its work, the last time he met with a Titan on April 22 of this year. The convergence of this moon of Saturn has helped the probe to change the flight path and go on a collision course with a giant planet, in the atmosphere where it will burn in mid-September of this year, having made 22-of-flight through the gap between the rings and their «Lord».

Prior to this, Cassini» worked for more than seven years in the after-hours of the mission, which received the name «Solstice». Because of this, scientists were able to trace the onset of winter and summer on the planet of the giant, and see climate change on the surface of Titan when the seasons change on Saturn.

Pictures «sunrise» on Saturn was taken during one of the last «dives» of the probe through the rings of a giant planet at the end of March this year, when the science team Cassini was preparing for the beginning of the «Finale of the Opera» — the final stage of the transmitter. These images were obtained from a distance of about a million kilometres of the upper cloud layer of the giant planet, at a time when the sun was just beginning to touch the surface and the upper edge of the rings.

Such «illumination» ring the morning sun, as they say NASA, can be considered a multilayer structure and see all the spaces between them.

To date, Cassini made ten spans in the gap between the rings and atmosphere of Saturn, and preparing for yet another rapprochement with the atmosphere of «Lord of the rings», which will mark the beginning of the second half «the Finale of the Opera». It will happen very soon — on Friday morning Moscow time.

During the flyby Cassini will get new data on the structure of the atmosphere of Saturn, will try to find traces of dust and Northern lights in it and also get the most detailed photos of the famous hexagonal hurricane at the South pole of the planet.

In addition, the probe will make new maps of the distribution of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere of Saturn, which will help scientists to discover how sunlight interacts with their molecules, and also reviewing all of the scientific tools that could be damaged by dust particles when approaching a gas giant.