CNN has an article on the relationship of the tramp with the RDIF «insufficiently thorough»

© AP Photo / Ric Feld,FileЗдание CNN. Archival photoCNN has an article on the relationship of the tramp with the RDIF «insufficiently thorough»© AP Photo / Ric Feld,File

CNN does not believe the false article about the alleged connections of staff of the President of Donald trump and his adviser Anthony of Scaramucci with the Russian Fund of FUND, after removal of which quit three officers.

The staff of the channel, Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris resigned in connection with the publication on the website of CNN and subsequent removal of the controversial article. Instead, the website now displays the apologies of the TV channel before Scaramucci and a message stating that the material does not meet the editorial standards of CNN.

Frank was investigating for CNN, was in charge of the investigations division. Harris, a veteran of CNN who worked on the channel since 2001. Lichtblau (Pulitzer prize winner for his work in the New York Times) a few months ago joined the CNN team as editor.

As CNN reports, the channel members of the investigations division of the channel explained that the removal of the article from the website «does not necessarily mean that the facts in it were wrong.»

«The article was solid enough for publication in the form in which it was,» said one of the people familiar with the investigations.

The channel said that the news was not private information of CNN, and social media and various Internet resources.

The channel said that usually such notes are checked before publication by several departments, including the Department of factchecking (check the facts), experts in journalistic standards and lawyers. This article is based on the statement of one anonymous source, «was a violation of the labor process in the editorial, concerned about learn about this guide CNN».

Scaramucci welcomed the deletion of the article. «CNN did the right thing. Great move. Apology accepted. All wrong. Move on,» — he wrote on his Twitter page.

[email protected] did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) 24 Jun 2017

CNN, citing an unnamed source in Congress said Thursday that the U.S. Senate allegedly is investigating the alleged links of the team of Donald trump with the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF). It was about the meeting of its head Kirill Dmitriev with one of the representatives of the transitional headquarters of the trump Anthony of Scaramucci «four days before the inauguration of the President of the United States» in January. The meeting supposedly took place at the world economic forum in Davos. In an email to CNN of Scaramucci wrote: «Dmitriev came to the restaurant to say Hello. I was friendly with him. Nothing more.» Scaramucci emphasizes that in previous years he also met with Dmitriev in Davos.

CNN later removed the article. A source close to the broadcaster, said portal BuzzFeed News that this story was «a big failure».

In the U.S. Congress are now independent investigation about the «Russian interference» in the US presidential election, which was won by Donald trump. A similar investigation leads the FBI. Congress has passed several high-profile hearing on «Russian intervention», but participated in the hearing, the scouts did not provide any evidence, citing the secrecy of information.

The American media also regularly reports, generally citing unnamed sources, the contacts of the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russian officials and businessmen.

Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called them «completely unfounded».