ESports is officially equated to football and hockey. What’s next?

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in Photobacterium open tournament EPICENTER in the arena VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Archival photoESports is officially equated to football and hockey. What’s next?© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

Last week, the Federation of computer sports of Russia has received the accreditation from the Ministry of sports — the FCC now formally entitled to the same rights as the Russian football Union. Officially e-sports the Ministry of sports recognized in April in accordance with the order, he was transferred to the category «sports, developed at the national level.» Thus, in the coming years, eSports will appear school and College League (this already great functioning), the national teams of Russia, judicial seminars, and a list of all classical sports.

The story of eSports in Russia is thorny. As such, it began to take shape in the mid-to-late 1990s with the release of a whole galaxy of the most popular multiplayer first Warcraft II and FIFA, then Quake 2, and later Counter-Strike. Already appeared in Russia, the activists, conducting tournaments at the city and Federal levels, among whom was Dimitri Smith, the current President of the FCC, then better known under the nickname «Dilvish».

However, in Russia it has developed its own way: if in Europe, especially in Scandinavia and Germany, with the advent of high speed Internet in the late 1990-ies started to develop different online League, the Russians to determine the best had to go to computer clubs of their cities and to travel around the country. As a result of the 1998 crisis, when the cost of computers and components has increased significantly, and access to the Internet most people via a simple modem appeared only in the early 2000s, in Russia such a League arose much later. In turn, prizes for live tournaments, the winners were mainly any products, and not always in a conventional graphics cards and gaming keyboards — the prize in a few boxes of soda from the partner of the tournament was quite normal. Nevertheless, in the 2002 World Cyber Games is the main in those years, eSports tournament in the world — the Russians have declared themselves publicly, winning three gold and finishing second in the team standings.

Today eSports is one of the most dynamically developing industries. To follow the trend we can use the prize money paid to winners and prize-winners of tournaments in 2010, 5.7 million dollars, in 2013 — 22 million, in 2016-m — 95. Revenue, according to estimates by Deloitte, 2014 to 2018 will increase from 85 million to $ 1.2 billion. Viewership in eSports is already somewhere on the same level with the National hockey League. The domestic market is also quite large — its volume exceeds $ 35 million.

But, in contrast to the same football players are completely inherent in many masters feet and the ball boast. Ilya «Lil» Ilyuk, one of the best players from the CIS, started to make money in Dota 2 even at school age. The money went to repay the loan taken by the mother of the player. Three years after the start of professional career he took the whole family on welfare, even though he lives in a simple house in the suburban town of Shchyolkovo. Arthur «Arteezy» Babaev has made it even easier — we bought the house. Alexey Solo Berezin, captain of, took an apartment in the mortgage in Novorossiysk and lives an ordinary life.

What awaits the Russian e-sports? The FCC only this year has already held the Cup of Russia, and this past weekend, Moscow hosted the finals of the national student eSports League with a prize Fund of which amounted to seven million rubles. Then — school League, section, regional federations, which are now almost 60, and have a lot of work aimed at destruction of stereotypes about gamers and video games.

In Russia today, perhaps the players — is steeper than the player.ESports is officially equated to football and hockey. What’s next?© Photo courtesy of the press service ESforceИстория Arteezy: forget Russian language and make a million dollars in Dota 2