For Dzerzhinsky division will build the temple of St. Vladimir

© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of the concern «KROST»the Foundation stone of the Church of St. Vladimir in the division DzerjinskogoFor Dzerzhinsky division will build the temple of St. Vladimir© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of the concern «KROST»

The temple in honor of the Holy Prince Vladimir will be built in Balashikha on the territory of Dzerzhinsky division of Internal troops of the MIA of Russia, said Tuesday the RIA Novosti news Agency in a construction organization.

«On Monday in Sochi, took place the notch of the first bucket for construction of a new temple complex of the Holy equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir. The Church building will be located on the territory of the division imeni Dzerzhinskogo and it is symbolic, after Prince Vladimir is the patron Saint of the Internal troops», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Laying of the Foundation stone of the future Church took place on 10 December last year. The project of a new temple complex in Balashikha involves the construction here of the Church and the house of clergy. It will house a common room meetings, two Sunday schools, each of the Abbot’s refectory, and utility rooms. The adjacent territory will be equipped playgrounds and recreational areas.

The temple itself will be able to simultaneously accommodate more than 500 members. The height of the building will be more than 40 meters. Inside the expected two levels: the lower baptismal Church and the upper, with three altars, where services will be conducted. The building will be besstolpny, the bell tower and the dome will be a single structure, roof made of copper.

The construction of the temple of Prince Vladimir is completed, presumably in mid-2019.

A separate division of operational use named after Dzerzhinsky traces its history back to 1924. Soldiers of the division during the war, fought in the suburbs, on the Western and Volkhov fronts, carrying military patrol in nine districts of Moscow. In 1944, escorted through the streets of Moscow, 57 thousand prisoners of the Nazis. In 1945 participated in the protection of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences. During the war, 12 military personnel division was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.