In Colombia, the FARC has handed over all the weapons of the individual use of the UN mission

© Flickr / Tijs ZwinkelsРеспублика Colombia. Archival photoIn Colombia, the FARC has handed over all the weapons of the individual use of the UN mission© Flickr / Tijs Zwinkels

All the weapons for personal use, were the rebels of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC), surrendered to the UN mission in the South American country, said in a statement on Monday the message of the mission.

It was envisaged in the road map for the disarmament of the rebels and dealt with 26 zones embed the FARC.

«The UN mission has received all the individual weapons, the FARC according to the road map on may 29,» — said in the message of mission in her microblog on Twitter.

In total surrendered more than 7.1 thousand units of the weapon. This last phase of disarmament began on 20 June. A small quantity of small arms left by the rebels before 1 August to enable them to guard the area of their concentration.

The UN Security Council in September 2016 approved sending to Colombia 450 unarmed observers who were to monitor the implementation of ceasefire between government forces and the FARC.

In November 2016, the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, known Tymoshenko signed a final peace agreement in the country, which should put an end to more than a half-century internal conflict, which killed 220 thousand people. In February began the immediate disarmament of the rebel forces of the FARC. The disarmament process was to be completed by 29 may after 180 days from the date of entry into force of the final agreement. Later, however, the Colombian President announced the postponement of the date of the final disarmament of the rebels.

The FARC was established in 1964 as the military wing of the local Communist party to struggle for a «New Colombia» — a society of social justice and equality. The organization was recognized by the United States and Europe as a terrorist and is suspected of having links with the mafia. In the ranks of the group consist of up to 20 thousand soldiers. The talks went on for almost four years and not once were on the verge of collapse. Colombian authorities said earlier that the conflict was to end in 2016.