In Transbaikalia introduced a state of emergency

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotobanken fire. Archival photoIn Transbaikalia introduced a state of emergency© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

In Zabaykalsky Krai imposed a state of emergency because of the dry windy weather and the large number of wildfires, according to the regional Ministry of natural resources.

According to authorities, on Tuesday morning in the region there are 34 forest fires on the area of 2.8 thousand hectares and 10 fires localized on the area of 2.3 thousand hectares. In extinguishing involved 804 people and 181 pieces of equipment. During the day, extinguished six fires. Earlier it was reported that on the morning of Tuesday in territory burns 3,8 thousand hectares of taiga.

«On the territory of Zabaykalsky Krai imposed a state of emergency and installed a regional level response with the dry windy weather and high daily average air temperatures in most parts of the Transbaikal region, contributing to the upgrade of goremote, and a large number of registered natural fires», — is spoken in the message.

The Agency reported that the head of the region instructed the Ministry to ensure a timely response forces, fire forces and the suppression of wildfires on the day of detection.

In a press-service of the government reported that municipalities are encouraged to enter emergency within the boundaries of the territories to set up operations headquarters on liquidation of emergency situations, to organize the defense of the settlements, to provide for the evacuation of the population in the complication of the situation. In addition, the local authorities tasked to patrol and monitor the fire situation in the forests. —0-