Institutional Investor recognized analysts of VTB Capital the best in Russia

© RIA Novoslobodsky money, archival photoInstitutional Investor recognized analysts of VTB Capital the best in Russia© RIA Novosti

. Research team VTB Capital (part of VTB group) took first place in the category in Russia according to a survey of Institutional Investor Emerging EMEA Research Team Ranking 2017, the press service of the Bank.

«In addition, VTB Capital took 6th place throughout EMEA, ahead of all Russian banks and a number of global players. This is the highest rating received by the Russian Bank in this category. The final rankings based on the voting results 680 analysts and portfolio managers from 358 international investment companies, under which is about 357 billion dollars in stock and 321 billion dollars in bonds of developing countries in the EMEA (Europe, middle East and Africa),» — said in a press release.

«We are delighted that the achievements of VTB Capital, has again received such a high rating from the international investment community. A deep understanding of the processes occurring in the economy, individual industries, in the financial markets and within the analysed companies, as well as the breadth of analytical coverage is a key competitive advantage of analysts of VTB Capital. I think it is important that our recommendations for work in the emerging markets of Russia and CIS are highly appreciated by leading international financial institutions and investors», — said the head of analytical Department of the VTB Capital Dmitry Dmitriev.