Membership of Montenegro in NATO is not directed against anyone, said the Prime Minister

© AFP 2017 / Savo PrelevicПротест against the accession of Montenegro to NATO in Podgorica. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/06/4508996e723639cc75dfa9c1af68be29.jpg" alt="Membership of Montenegro in NATO is not directed against anyone, said the Prime Minister" />© 2017 AFP / Savo Prelevic

Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, said that his country’s membership in NATO is not directed against anyone.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister of Montenegro acts as the PACE and answering questions of parliamentarians. One of the MEPs inquired about how will the relations with Russia after the accession of Montenegro to the Alliance. «The choice in favor of NATO is not a hidden agenda, it was known Russia, they knew about our plans», — said the Prime Minister.

«We know that since independence, we defended our two main foreign policy priorities: European integration and NATO membership»,- said marković, adding that «after that, together with NATO, has developed a program of membership, which includes five stages, a road map for five years.»

In early June, Montenegro officially became the 29th member of the Alliance. A significant part of the population of this former Yugoslav Republic were against joining the Alliance. The country held protests.

Commenting on the accession of Montenegro to NATO, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that in exchange for loyalty Montenegro anti-sanctions and anti-Russian policy of the imposed it and membership in NATO. Lavrov said that it does not strengthen the security of the Alliance and leads to additional costs of its member countries. He noted that this trend returns the parties to the policy dividing lines in Europe, which undermines the many solemn promises of Western leaders on the need to ensure equal and indivisible security and is a dead end.

«It was a transparent, open process in the country, and for those who is abroad, to the international community. In that period, the Russian Federation had not expressed any concern about NATO membership», — said the Prime Minister.

«From time to time we heard an opinion that we can change our decision, we do not consider our membership in NATO as a threat to anyone, especially our friends. The idea is to improve the quality of life of our citizens, to improve security,» said Markovic.

According to him, when the country began to think that «all is well, new problems, new fears of conflict, and Montenegro said no, this must not happen again. «We support the values of the developed countries of Europe, is inextricably linked to EU membership and NATO. On this path we went,» he said.

«Unfortunately, when we came to the end of this process, Russia was not ready to agree and tried to resist this process, the least democratic of ways: a threat to our constitutional order, our security is threatened, the threat was public, took the form of political pressure through intelligence, but Montenegro has resisted this pressure, and today we are a NATO member,» — said Markovic, adding that «NATO membership should not be perceived as a threat to anyone».

Western politicians and intelligence agencies, including American and European, had previously accused Russia of plotting a coup in the former Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro. While concrete evidence of these allegations never led. Official representatives of the Russian Federation called the accusations unfounded. Earlier, the head of the Russian foreign Ministry called dishonest statement of Montenegro for the «intervention» of Russia in the Affairs of the country. Before the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the accusations against Russia aimed at justifying its own population of joining NATO. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that the accusations against Russia on the part of senior representatives of Montenegro is too serious without backup facts is irresponsible.

Membership of Montenegro in NATO is not directed against anyone, said the Prime Minister© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria NATO expansion