Part of festive worship in Isaakii will move to the Central nave

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in Photobacterium St. Isaac’s CathedralPart of festive worship in Isaakii will move to the Central nave© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Part of festive worship at St. Isaac’s Cathedral held earlier in the aisle, takes the Central nave, at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church; the work of the Museum is not affected, said the RIA Novosti on Tuesday the press service of the state Museum-monument «St. Isaac’s Cathedral».

«The diocese approached us with a request to increase the number of services in the Central nave. Respectively, of the side naves are transferred to the Central service, which took place there on major Christian holidays. The work of the Museum is not affected,» — said the representative of Isaac.

Earlier in June, the new Director of the state Museum-monument «St. Isaac’s Cathedral» Yuri Mudrov in an interview on the TV channel «Russia 24» reported that while the Museum will continue to work with the Russian Orthodox Church within the framework of previously signed agreements on conducting services twice a day.

The situation around St. Isaac’s Cathedral caused a public outcry when the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer the Cathedral for 49 years, the Russian Orthodox Church in the free use with preserving the Museum and educational functions. Remains and legal status of the object — its owner is the city. The public is concerned about the fate of Isaac, despite the statement of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Museum functions will be expanded, and the entrance to the Cathedral will be free.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the direct line has called to depoliticize the issue of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and with respect for the religious feelings of people. According to the President, the contradictions on the issue of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church can be resolved by ensuring both the Museum and the religious activities of the Cathedral.