Putin promised to think over the changes of the state defense order

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to consider the proposal of the Union of machine builders of Russia about changing the terms in the formula of pricing in the sphere of the state defense order (SDO).

As stated by the first Deputy Chairman of the Union Vladimir Gutenev, the practice of pricing at the GOZ «is the notorious «20 plus 1», they form the margin of the «finishers», «complications», about 3%, 4%, 5%, and «within the societies sometimes these numbers are even less.»

He noted that when the price is formed from the terms formula prices «20 plus 1», that is, in the opinion of the engineering Union, lacks that efficiency, which could be. Approved by governmental decree, the procedure for determining the price of the state contract with a single supplier limits the profitability of one percent of the planned costs of the supplier for the purchase of components and services other performers, and twenty percent of the remaining planned costs.

«20 plus 1» is 21%. Here, there is a range of 21% to leave, and the terms may be a little change or «14 plus 7», or at least there «15 plus 6». To change, because the mechanism of the «20 plus 1» dezintegrare cooperation that is «much» more profitable to concentrate at home, not passing where more effectively, at less cost,» — said Gutenev at the enlarged meeting of the Bureau of the Russian engineering Union and the Association «League of assistance to defense companies».

The question, according to him, affects including the interests of the state: to decrease the cost of the final product and the cost of production.

«You know, I’m just the voice is so difficult, — said in response to a proposal by Putin. I’m thinking, okay, colleagues, we will see. Importantly, fiscal discipline is not compromised, and technology too. And the finisher often, we are told, not to reach some parts of the societies. But think about it, all right.»