«Right sector»* agreed to press the «Muscovites» temples. But for a round sum

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in photobacteria in Ukraine«Right sector»* agreed to press the «Muscovites» temples. But for a round sum© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in photovacation of Skripunov

Ukrainian believers hard to prove that the square of the nation above all else, even of God himself. As it became known, self-proclaimed «Kiev Patriarchate» has resumed its «active cooperation» with the nationalist groups signed an agreement on cooperation with «Right sector»* and the people’s Rukh of Ukraine (NRU).

And after nearly two months, the country stands at the threshold of a religious war — the Parliament plans to adopt oppresses the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) bill, the radicals threatened openly Catholic clergy. And now the self-proclaimed «Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate» (UOC-KP) decided to form an Alliance with the radicals. So what they agreed to in this case is even more important — money or an idea?

«We have your money»

The contract with the «Right sector»* of the UOC-KP is actually made in early may. But the text of the document appeared online just now. In it many curious things.

«The parties shall cooperate, consistent with the General objectives of Christian and moral worldview of nationalism Orthodox Christianity,» say the radicals and dissenters.

So, the UOC-KP have in common with the «Right sector»* General «values», and created the Foundation of the world is not what Princess Anna Yaroslavovna, but Jesus Christ himself was a Ukrainian.

However, it is not important. «Strategic direction» of the activities of the two organizations is, it appears, «the creation of the Ukrainian Independent Catholic Powers and the Local Church in it.» If you add another paragraph about the protection of historical and cultural heritage (temples), everything becomes utterly predictable.

«Right sector»* is such an extensive organization, which exists in all regions of Ukraine. They are easily mobilized, so what is there to wonder. The more that these organizations have a need to feed their activists, their financial support. And where there is the slightest possibility to earn something, of course they will be in the forefront,» — said the Director of the Ukrainian Center for political studies and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

The fighters of this organization was in the forefront in the attacks on churches in Ternopil, Odesa, Rivne, and Lugansk regions. Especially notorious were the cases of attacks on churches in the villages Katerynivka and Bird. 2014 in this way — with the help of certain groups — the «Kiev Patriarchate» has gained more than 40 temples. From the point of view of statistics, the overall picture is little affected by the UOC-MP belongs 12653 ward, and KP — 5264. But who can guarantee that after the agreement with the radicals to maintain the status quo?

«There’s a General trend to take advantage. And while in power is dominated by the anti-Russian mood, social, political and religious organizations are trying to use it for their own purposes», — said Pogrebinsky.

Now the «Kiev Patriarchate», said the expert, so a free hand, nobody can prevent attacks on churches. The head of the UOC-KP Filaret Denisenko does use military pressure on the UOC-MP, to «squeeze the next parish.»

«Denisenko — not a Nazi»

«They (UOC-KP — ed.) almost from the time of its inception in 1992, cooperating with such radical forces. Suffice it to recall such an organization as the «Rite of St. Hilarion», which existed in the so-called Kiev Patriarchate Filaret and which had the patronage, including the material. It was expressed that, through him, to him they get some kind of «humanitarian aid» in the form of, for example, a military uniform,» says Church historian Vladislav parsley.

Already in those years, militants took part in the seizure of the temples. A striking example was the massacre on St. Sophia square in Kiev in 1995, when «the Filaret’s churchmen» decided to break into St. Sophia Cathedral.

«It is a long tradition. Going, even conjunctural reasons, the position of nationalism, Filaret, to maintain his position, was forced to cooperate with such elements with such rabble. I don’t think he beliefs is a nationalist,» says the historian.

It can be assumed that «the Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine» is so overworked with the Nazis, now he has nothing to lose. In contrast to the UOC-MP with its parishes and churches.

* Extremist organization banned in Russia.