Sergei Yursky read in the new York poems of American poet from Russia

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in photobanks Brodsky. Archival photoSergei Yursky read in the new York poems of American poet from Russia© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

«Read Brodsky’s» – this is the wish of the famous Russian actor and Director Sergei Yursky to the people of new York. The example he showed from the stage of Carnegie hall. In the famous concert hall, his recital «From classics to contemporary, with a nod to Joseph Brodsky».

Jurassic convinced that new York is the city where you have to read Brodsky, because it is the figure that unites Russian and American culture. «My goal was to present evidence why the new Americans need Brodsky to feel. Why new Russian Brodsky should feel» — told RIA Novosti the Jurassic. He added that nowhere calls: «there should arise an inner need».

«I think that my generation and I personally don’t have to wave my arms on the podium. What had to say, we said. Now we can answer the questions. Please, I will overcome the fatigue and I will talk to you. But the overflowing part for me is closed completely,» — said the famous actor.

Wanting to hear the literary «evidence» was more than the seats in the auditorium: tickets were sold out in a week. Creative evening of the Jurassic was one of the main events of the 15th festival of Russian-American Fund «Our heritage» in new York.

In addition to Brodsky’s works from different periods sounded fragments from Pushkin and Pasternak. Jurassic explained the program is compiled as if Brodsky was in Carnegie hall and heard his «lyric poetry and social thinking» through time and the works of the classics. So the actor seemed to have continued a long-standing dispute with his contemporary: Brodsky believed that reading poetry can only be a poet.

Jurassic recalls, as seen with younger contemporary (Brodsky Jurassic younger than five years) in America in 1989 and for the last time in 1995 at the Old New year in Geneva. The poet then promised the artist to dedicate poetry to him. The poem «the Theatre» was published after the death of Brodsky in 1997. Dedication — Sergei Yursky — struck so much so, that Jurassic wrote the answer — poem of the same name and the same last word: «curtain». Both works he also read in new York.

Today, as told by the actor has changed and the audience — and in new York and Moscow, has changed himself. «I assume that one clever person, and I believe every day is life. Sleep is death, and the morning waking up to the resurrection. So every day we need to feel the obligation to live in a new world, thinking about what you’re saying and appreciating what you see,» — said Sergei Yursky.