Siberian genetics brought rats with schizophrenia for the study of the disease

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobanka. Archival photoSiberian genetics brought rats with schizophrenia for the study of the disease© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Scientists of the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and genetics (FITS ICG SB RAS) for the study of schizophrenia brought the world’s only genetic line of rats, mimicking human patients, according to Tuesday’s publication of the Russian Academy of Sciences «Science in Siberia».

«Bred line of rats is unique, unique in the world, and these animals are similar to patients with schizophrenia humans and his mind, and the level of hormones, and the level of mediators of stress in the brain», — are reported words of a senior researcher of the laboratory of evolutionary genetics, ICG SB RAS Tatiana Alekhine.

Geneticist explained that the breeding lines of rats with catalepsy, that is prone to spontaneous solidification and at the same time the involuntary nervous excitement, took more than 40 years. The founder of the study was the physician-psychiatrist, doctor of biological Sciences Viktor Kolpakov, who, after monitoring of patients with schizophrenia who began breeding rats with similar behavior.

«We selected rats frosting for a long period, and eventually got animals with reduced content of neurotransmitters, hormones (including sex) with a high level of anxiety and fear, with bald spots on the hair and with a lower weight. So today in line «genetic catatonia» we have a model of schizophrenia, depression and neurosis,» — said Alekhine.

Scientists hope that this genetic line of rats will determine what biochemical and hormonal changes characteristic of schizophrenia. To study the phase of catalepsy in man, it must be put into this state, or wait until he gets there that is rarely available to physicians. Have bred rats in the phase of solidification can summon at will to explore various biochemical and hormonal indicators that accompany it.

Genetics note that to transfer the research results obtained on animals directly to man it is impossible, but there is a chance that they will allow a better understanding of the disease, to suggest that will happen with the patient. Received some Siberian scientists are already used in training courses of the Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry. I. M. Sechenov, Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk psychiatric hospital.