Space truck Dragon will otstegat from the ISS the second of July

© NASAЗахват and docking space truck Dragon. Archival photoSpace truck Dragon will otstegat from the ISS the second of July© NASA

U.S. space cargo ship Dragon, owned by SpaceX, will undock from the ISS on Sunday, July 2, announced NASA.

«Dragon will be released by the manipulator Canadarm2 on Sunday at 11:38 East coast time USA (18:38 GMT) and splashed down in the Pacific ocean after 5.5 hours,» reported by NASA on Monday.

The Ministry reported that the ISS crew on Monday continued to pack in Dragon equipment and materials experiments, which then will be examined by specialists on the Ground. Space truck Dragon is the only spacecraft capable of delivering cargo from the station to the Ground.

The ship Dragon arrived at the ISS on 5 June, bringing to the space station about three tons of cargo. For him it was the second flight to the station, informed the basic design of the capsule of the cargo ship participated in the mission to the space station in September 2014 and was in orbit for 34 days.

SpaceX delivers cargo to the ISS under contract with NASA since 2012, during this time, she performed eleven cargo flights to the station. To optimize the value of space flight technology fulfills SpaceX’s reusable first-stage booster of the Falcon 9 for the first time in June and sent to ISS already flown in space truck Dragon.