The artificial intelligence of «Yandex» has recorded an album in the style of «Nirvana»

© AP PhotoВокалист group Nirvana Kurt CobainThe artificial intelligence of «Yandex» has recorded an album in the style of «Nirvana»© AP Photo

Programmers from Yandex has created a new system of artificial intelligence that can write poetry in English, similar to the lyrics of Kurt Cobain, the leader of the group Nirvana, and has released the first album «Neurons» in all popular music catalogs.

As the press service of Yandex, a year ago, two programmers of the company, Ivan Yamshchikov and Alexei Tikhonov, have developed an unusual system AI who knew how to write lyrics and poems in the style of a famous singer Yegor Letov, the leader of the group «Civil defense». Using this system, and the assistance of professional musicians, scientists recorded the first album of the neural network and put it in the music directory called «Neural defense».

At the same time, scientists decided not to stay, and now coachmen, working in present time in Institute of mathematics of the max Planck Society in Leipzig (Germany) has prepared a new version of the artificial intelligence, which, this time, can write poetry and songs in Russian and in English.

As noted by coachmen, to solve this problem, he had to gather a huge archive of modern and classical foreign poetry, the total of which amounted to about 200 megabytes.

The first analysis of these texts showed that teaching a computer to speak English in the style of Chaucer or Shakespeare is much more difficult than to do the same for the Russian language – the problem is that in English poetry is much less clearly defined rules and there is not always «normal» grammar.

So Yamschikova and his associates had to delete some texts from the archive to the neural network was able to «learn» to write poems in their example. The network they used to write poems in the style of Kurt Cobain, from which they chose four of the most successful and used them to create the first recordings of «Neurons».

For their preparation, scientists used the help of the professional American musician, Rob Carroll, one of the fans of Kurt Cobain and his rock band. The final result they have recorded as said by coachmen, on an old audio cassette with this album «Nirvana», and published the video for one of the songs in YouTube. According to the scientist, the algorithm of the neural network and the details of her designs will soon be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journals.

A year ago we trained a neural network to generate lyrics in the style of Yegor Letov. In principle, nothing prevents to teach her to generate the texts and in the style of Linda.

— If the neural network can now even write poetry and music, is there something that they will never be able to do in principle?

— This is an interesting question to which there is no exact answer. The main thing to remember is that the neural network is not a character. It’s just the type of algorithm, a tool designed to solve a particular problem. How to formulate the problem, conditions, limitations, where to get the training data? With all these questions, for example, now works.

I think it should help with the copyright issues. Much more interesting is the fact that machine intelligence can become a sponsor, another tool that is simply available to the artist and allows you to do more interesting things.