The court did not attract the Vice-President AFK «System» Rozanov to a dispute with Rosneft

© Eugene Rozanov Becausewhat. Archival photoThe court did not attract the Vice-President AFK «System» Rozanov to a dispute with Rosneft© Eugene Bezeq

Arbitration court of Bashkiria refused to bring the Vice-President of Sistema JSFC Vsevolod Rozanov to a dispute with «Rosneft» is 170.6 billion rubles in Bashneft, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«The petition for attraction Rozanova to participate in the proceedings to deny,» decided judge Irina Nursultanova.

Rozanov wanted to be the third person on the side of the defendant, not claiming independent demands. As explained by his representative, Rozanov participated in the meeting of the Board of Directors, where he took the decision on reorganization of «Bashneft», which «Rosneft» considers unprofitable for Bashkir oil companies, therefore, could clarify a number of issues.

In addition, at the meeting a petition to intervene as a third party filed Felix Evtushenkov (the son of the principal owner Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov). He explained his desire that the dispute in fact will decide about the legality and legitimacy of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors of «Bashneft», whose Chairman he was.

Also the petition for incorporation of a co-plaintiff in the case filed a Alexei Kislitsyn, the reasoning is still unknown.

«Rosneft» considered that the tactics of joining additional participants to the process designed for its delay. The company’s representatives objected to satisfaction of data requests. «This abuse of procedural rights», — said the lawyer of «Rosneft».