The expert considers it wrong to create a beer preferences in the trade

© Fotolia / MonetБармен pours the beer into the glass. Archival photoThe expert considers it wrong to create a beer preferences in the trade© Fotolia / Monet

The head of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets (tsifrra) Vadim Drobiz supports separate regulation of spirits, wine and beer, but it would be wrong to impose any trade preferences for beer – and so it is in a privileged position.

The Union of Russian brewers the meeting of the working group on enhancing the effectiveness of state regulation and competition in the alcohol market, which will be held on 29 of June, has prepared a version of the law on regulation of production and turnover of alcohol. It is proposed to introduce separate regulation for spirits, wine and beer.

The Union has proposed to ban the retail sale of strong alcohol and wine from 21.00 till 9.00 local time, for the sale of beer to leave the existing time limit — from 23.00 to 8.00. Brewers also want to leave the regions the right to establish additional restrictions of time, conditions and places of retail sale only for strong alcohol and alcohol-containing food products.

Any preferences
«As for the allocation of beer for some preferences is completely wrong for the reason that it does not perform the role of substitute spirits. We have underdeveloped wine. Last year the beer was drunk in an average of 58 litres per capita, and wine production — 7.5 liters and spirits — 7.5 liters» — said Drobiz RIA Novosti.

Beer, according to him, today «the most powerful alcoholic beverage in Russia.»

«The government wants to regulate it tightly enough. And this is understandable. Beer still enjoys a unique privileged position. Now at least USAIS introduced, and so there is no marking, licensing,» — said Drobiz. In his opinion, and marking, and licensing of beer will be introduced in the future — «in the next maybe five years.»

«Therefore, if anyone be encouraged in this situation, just wine products,» — said the expert. However, he stressed that «the special conditions of sales of alcoholic beverages should not be, at least at the time.»

At the same time limitations for the sale of alcohol, existing in Russia are, in his view, an undeniable plus: «he became quieter on the streets at night.»

Separate regulation

In General, according to Drobeta, beer, wine and spirits in need of separate regulation. The current 1997 law on regulation of production and turnover of alcoholic products is outdated, the expert believes.

«From this time everything changed: the wine industry has grown and become powerful again by industry; beer between 1995 and 2007, increased in 5.5 times, however, after that 30% in 10 years fell. All three areas — spirits, the wine industry and the beer industry became powerful enough developed, and the structure of the law, of course, should be changed. Each direction should stimulate further new legislation, even in the framework of a law» — expressed the opinion Drobiz.

The expert considers it wrong to create a beer preferences in the trade© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki Beer separatism