The FAS may initiate a new case against a cafe in Moscow airports because of the price

© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature in fotobanka at Domodedovo airport. Archival photoThe FAS may initiate a new case against a cafe in Moscow airports because of the price© RIA Novosti / Igor Megaliterature the image Bank

Moscow regional Department of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation does not preclude institution of new proceedings against the supermarket chains in the capital’s airports because of the establishment of monopolistically high prices, reported RIA Novosti Deputy head UFAS Dmitry Strelnikov.

On Monday, the Moscow regional office of the FAS announced that on June 23 filed a Antimonopoly case against restaurant chains Burger King, Shokoladnitsa coffee shops and cafes «mu-Mu» for the establishment of monopolistically high prices in the airports «Domodedovo» and «Zhukovskiy». The analysis of the situation in «Sheremetyevo» is still ongoing.

In the airports of Moscow, besides the already named, also work network operators such as Sbarro, Subway, «Elki-Palki», «Kroshka-Kartoshka», KFC, Teremok, «Coffee house», «Coffeemania», Cinnabon, IL Patio, Costa Coffee, McDonalds and several others.

Strelnikov noticed that it is still premature to draw conclusions about the price at the airport «Sheremetyevo», as the analysis continues. «As for the other airports for which the first case filed, it cannot be excluded that they (the case — ed.) may not be the last. The work is in any case ongoing and new cases against other stakeholders can be initiated,» said the source.

Earlier Tuesday, a representative of the restaurant chain Subway explained the inflated prices at airports, including the high rents — it is at least 2 times higher than in the city. Different and the initial investment (the cost of logistics, personnel, security). «The investigation has only just begun, to talk about the reasons earlier, other circumstances can affect the consideration of the case. All will be studied, including the cost of rent,» — commented Strelnikov.

He reminded about a similar situation that occurred a couple of years ago. «If you go back a few years ago, when similar cases the management has seen, in some cases, it was found that income exceeds necessary expenses of the food at the airport. Accordingly, the rent in the event not played any key role,» he concluded.