The government demanded from Rosneftegaz financial statements reported by the media

© AP Photo / Hektor PustinaСтроительство of the pipeline. Archival photoThe government demanded from Rosneftegaz financial statements reported by the media© AP Photo / Hektor Pustina

The Russian government requires Rosneftegaz to systematically provide data on the balances in the accounts, shares owned, and investment, the newspaper «Vedomosti» with reference to the letter of the Director of the Department of Economics and Finance of the government of Vladimir Sidorenko of 20 June.

The government through Rosneftegaz owns 50% of «Rosneft», 10.9 per cent of Gazprom, 27,63% of «inter RAO». Their dividends to the state, deposited in the holding, and the budget he needs to give only half of the net profit (the norm for the last two years), the newspaper writes. Although the main income of Rosneftegaz receives from state-owned companies, it is opaque to society – from 2015, the government allowed him not to make statements according to IFRS and do not publish accounts (if you do not want the shareholder). Officials of different ministries warned that the government itself deprives the information of what happened, the newspaper said.

The government has considered the comments of the economic development Ministry and energy Ministry on the decision to release «Rosneftegaz» from reporting under IFRS and charges to ensure that reliable information from state-owned companies, the letter Sidorenko.

The authenticity of the letter was confirmed by two Federal officials and a representative of the Ministry of energy. The representative of the Ministry stated that instructions will be executed, but not explained how. The order transferred in the Federal property management Agency, which will soon write a letter to «Rosneftegaz», the newspaper said another official. A spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova has not responded to the request. Representatives of the Ministry of economic development and Federal property management Agency declined to comment.

To at least information from Rosneftegaz – a big step forward, admits to a Federal official. Officials have long been fighting for the dividends collected in the state holding the chair of the Board of Directors which is the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin.

In the past year, the government demanded that state-owned companies to give shareholders half of the profit, but the biggest payers of dividends have managed to avoid it, citing the large investment programmes. Rosneftegaz received only 12% of the profits, or 18 billion rubles, calculating the dividends, excluding income from the revaluation of securities.

In 2017, the Finance Ministry has proposed to withdraw from «Rosneftegaz» all received dividends, but the budget remained at all without the money – «Rosneftegaz» showed a loss for 2016, despite 596 billion rubles received from «Rosneft». The loss was technical: «Rosneftegaz» in December last year, is rapidly transferred to the budget of 717 billion rubles from the sale of 19.5% of Rosneft shares, and he received the money only in January 2017.