The Muslims have declared Holy war, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Pac-Man

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in photobiannual in the mosqueThe Muslims have declared Holy war, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Pac-Man© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

Turkish authorities intend to prohibit the sale in the country of the cult video game Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Pac-Man due to the fact that they supposedly contribute to the formation of hostile attitudes to Islam, according to Newsweek. This initiative became interested in the Russian Ummah.

According to the Ministry of youth and sports of Turkey, these games intentionally spread Islamophobia and desecrate Islamic symbols: some stories Call of Duty players must kill Muslim terrorists in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock heroes jump on the stage by the inscription «Allah» in Arabic, and the character of Pac-Man, it turns out, eats little dots and is chased by ghosts «veiled Muslim women».

«The goal of many games is to give people a negative view of Islam. Digital games are used as a tool to spread Islamophobia. Often the player assumes the role of a soldier and gets points by killing Muslims, which the creators of the games are like terrorists. The main goal is to give people a hostile attitude to Islam,» — leads edition of the words of the head of the Commission for education, culture and research Huzaifa Yilmaz.

Russian Muslims are also concerned about the «shooters» like Call of Duty.

«The prohibitions of the games is an internal matter of the Turkish Republic, and in Russia the professional community of experts and psychologists should pay attention to such Internet projects… When the small child’s age to teach that killing is okay, it’s a game, it leaves on the psyche of certain traces», — told RIA Novosti Chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims mufti Albir Krganov.

According to him, the security of the state, citizens and children should be the priority, and as for the plot of Call of Duty where players must kill Muslim terrorists, then in this case in the Russian Federation adopted the law on protection of feelings of believers.

«If one religion and nationality are attributed to the accusations of terrorism, then it falls under this law. Terrorists have no face, nationality or religion. It is fundamentally wrong and should be stopped by law», — concluded the Agency interlocutor.