The public chamber has set up a youth flash mob on the Internet

© Fotolia / denisismagilovДевушка working at a computer. Archival photoThe public chamber has set up a youth flash mob on the Internet© Fotolia / denisismagilov

Members of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on the occasion of the youth Day has launched a social network «Vkontakte» flashmob #Мой2022, in which I urge the younger generation to think about their future and to make a public promise to achieve any goal in five years, said Tuesday the press service of the OP of the Russian Federation.

Youth day is celebrated in Russia on June 27.

«Users of the social network are encouraged to write their goal for the next 5 years on the posters and put a photo or video to social networks with the hashtag #Мой2022. Developed by OP Minister bot on the results of the action will gather the page addresses of all users participating in the flash mob and remind them after five years of this publicly promise personal messages», — stated in the message of press-service.

For those who for some reason doesn’t want to put a photo with the tag, but is willing to set a goal and get a reminder, run special service on the official page of the OP of the Russian Federation in the social network «Vkontakte» that you can write a personal message to the community about your goals and get a reminder.

«Today, if you ask young children what they want to do at least a year, clearly you answer the unit, and the flash mob we would like to draw the attention of young people to the problem, invite them to think about what goals they want to come, why they work or study. This may not be the only one or the other position, a stage career, but strong family, children, and other traditional values. For us the most important thing is that on this day every said himself that he seeks and does, and gave a public promise to achieve this goal in 5 years,» — say the initiators of this flash mob.