The reading for July: two novels about the Soviet past and magic realism Juno Diaz

© Fotolia / Lyudmyla VКниги. Archival photoThe reading for July: two novels about the Soviet past and magic realism Juno Diaz© Fotolia / V Lyudmyla

A sequel to «the Neapolitan Quartet» Elena Ferrante the story of two inseparable friends, the debut novel of Olga Breininger «In the Soviet Union was not adderall is» about «the experiment of the century» over the individual, magical realism in the modern American culture in the book «Short fiction life of Oscar Wau» Juno Diaz the intrigue of Victorian London in «Belgravia» Julian Velloza and the story of the era of stagnation «Not afraid Bluebeard» Sana’a Valiulina expect readers to literary novelties Jul.

«Those who leave and those who stay»

For a long time an unknown Italian writer, whose talent has resonated in the hearts of readers around the world, hiding under the pseudonym Elena Ferrante. He was hiding literally — for about 25 years, the literary world speculated without having the slightest idea of what it looks like and what lives one of the most prominent Italian writers of our time. On account of her nine novels, the last four form the so-called «Neapolitan Quartet» — the book about the inseparable girlfriends Elena (Lena) Greco and Raffaella (Leela), Cerullo, their childhood and youth in the poor neighborhoods of Naples.

At the moment the Russian-speaking readers have the opportunity to see the beginning of the story in the first two novels of the series «My brilliant friend» and «Story of a new name,» which was published by «Sinbad». The third part is called «Those who leave and those who stay» reverses the situation of the characters upside the head: this time, success comes to Elena – she becomes a popular writer and is preparing to marry a University Professor. Meanwhile, Gwyneth spends health and youth at the sausage factory, trying to provide a decent life for me and my son. Meanwhile, in the environment of the Neapolitan working class, the growing discontent, ready to turn into a serious collision. The translation of the book was performed by Olga Tkachenko.

«In the Soviet Union was not adderall»

The debut novel of writer Olga Breininger «In the Soviet Union was not adderall» has come to the attention of experts of two literary awards – the «National bestseller» and «Big book» is provoking heated debates in literary circles. The plot works almost fantastic: the main character is a young woman who was born in the USSR but moved to the USA to study at Harvard, becomes a participant in the «experiment of the century» programming of the individual on a daily basis by countless new-fangled medicines. It is quite simple to recognize traits that Breininger, a native of Kazakhstan, and now teaches at Harvard University, withdraws from itself. The author discusses about the generation of young people, with which it unites the feeling of loneliness and helplessness, and shared his own experiences about the plight of the immigrant. The novel is published by the «Redaction of Elena Shubina».

«Short fantastic life of Oscar Wow»

The debut novel of American writer of Dominican origin, Juno Diaz brought him incredible success and the Pulitzer prize: critics universally praised the book, which combines Latin American magical realism and elements of modern American pop culture.

The protagonist of the story becomes fat romantic, and fun of Oscar de Leon, nicknamed «Wow», who believes that his life is not formed due to the pressures on the family of de Leon ancient curse. Only trying with the whole family Oscar decided to challenge the terrible «Fukui» to stop the series of tragic accidents.

Diaz tells the reader about the turbulent life of Oscar, his wayward sisters and his beautiful mother, and their journey from Santo Domingo in the American town of Paterson and back. The novel, which is a family Saga intertwined with the history of the whole country, leaves in publishing house «the Phantom the Press» in Helena Polecki.


British writer Julian Fellowes known as the author of the script for the TV series «Downton Abbey» and the film «the Young Victoria». Literary works in his career is not the most noticeable place – the historic Saga «Belgravia» was the third book of the author. The novel is set in Victorian London, the starting point of the story becomes the night before the battle of Waterloo. Fellowes immerses the reader into a world of intrigue famous houses in the prestigious district of the British capital, telling of the duplicity of high society. The author builds the narrative on a favorite serial scheme: each Chapter of a work becomes its own story with an exciting ending. «Belgravia» is published in the publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus», the translation was carried out by Elena Kislenkova.

«Not afraid Bluebeard»

Estonian writer Sana Valiulina rather well-known to readers abroad than Russian: it is a long time lives in Amsterdam and writes books in Dutch in exchange for their local literary prize. New novel, «Not afraid Bluebeard» Valiulina created simultaneously in two languages. The protagonists are people of the generation of «the children of Brezhnev», whose childhood and grew up in the era of stagnation. The narrative passes through four temporary locations – starting in the village on the Estonian coast, it passes through the hidden Soviet brutality and ends with our time. The novel is reasoning about the past is published by the «Redaction of Elena Shubina».