UNIDO opens a session of the Council of industrial development

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Forty-fifth session of the industrial development Board of UNIDO (United Nations industrial development) opens Tuesday at the headquarters of the UN in Vienna, told RIA Novosti in an organization.

As expected, the meetings will decide on the appointment of a new General Director of the organization, the meeting will examine the state of the budget will evaluate the organization’s contribution to the implementation of the agenda for sustainable development for the period until 2030, will discuss the mission of UNIDO around the world and will consider the interaction of UNIDO with the «Group of twenty».

Also on the sidelines of the three-day session is scheduled to sign the Memorandum of understanding between UNIDO and the University.

The industrial development Board (IDB) is one of the main governing bodies of UNIDO, which includes 53 member countries of the organization of the different regional groups. Session of the Board are held regularly, at least once a year. Their members carried out the review of UNIDO’s activities, are preparing for the upcoming General conference, this year scheduled for 27 November — 1 December, which will bring together all member countries of UNIDO to adopt the most important decisions for the further work of the UN.

Russia and UNIDO

The organization promotes industrial development, implementing hundreds of projects around the world. Russia currently finances more than 10 technical assistance projects.

As told RIA Novosti officer industry Department of trade, investment and innovation, UNIDO Farrukh Alimjanov presented a paper, mainly projects designed to contribute to the development and modernization of industry in CIS countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as in Africa and Latin America. «In addition to direct funding of UNIDO projects, Russia is actively engaging private expertise for their implementation, provides a platform for major international events on its territory», — said the Agency interlocutor.

As an example, he cited the work at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, where UNIDO, together with the Russian partners from state and commercial structures, conducts the business forums. This year, two inter — regional forum Russian-Arab women’s entrepreneurship and Russian-Latin American for the strengthening of small and medium business attracted great attention of participants of the SPIEF.

The most current projects

According to Alimjanov, many of the projects UNIDO is carried out by the experts of the organization of the program of industrial modernization. «One of the most relevant examples of implementation of this program — funded Russia project to support the modernization of the textile sector of Armenia. As a result of its implementation was able to achieve a visible revitalization of the industry. Armenian manufacturers with high quality new products have entered the international market under a single brand «5900 sun», began to cooperate with well-known retailers and designers,» — said an employee of the organization.

In addition, the Russian authorities together with Chinese partners, financial support starting in 2015, the project of development of the Tajik carpet — traditional, but somewhat lost its glory of the textile industry in the country. As told Alimjanov presented a paper at the end of may of this year in Dushanbe was held the exhibition-presentation of the new brand «LA AL Textiles», created in the framework of the project, the results of which businesses came offers of cooperation from several hotels, the state agencies of Tajikistan, as well as negotiations between the buyer and the company is the beneficiary of the project «Howard», which specializiruetsya on the production of hand carpets.

«In addition to the commercial return, the show attracted interest in cooperation with the project donors and international organizations. Among them — the Embassy of India in Tajikistan, international organization for migration, the Office of the high Commissioner for refugees, the project on development of Handicrafts, funded by the European Union and other», — told the Agency interlocutor, noting that by the end of the project in a few months for which you will need to complete many important events and orders.

Another joint Russian-Chinese project is implemented by UNIDO in Cuba. He started in 2016 and includes a number of projects of industrial development and modernization. «The main focus is on promoting agriculture, but the program is very diverse. In it even there is a project aimed at the development of a landmark for Cuban music industry,» — said the Agency interlocutor. Specifically-funded Russia project on development of production of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery worth four million dollars and is currently in the first phase using half of the money.

Alimjanov presented a paper said that the first results of work on the project in the form of a comprehensive study of the status of the target sectors of Cuban agriculture and development of sectoral strategies for technological and institutional development was submitted in mid-may in Havana. Experts have selected the most suitable for the Cuban conditions, crops, and fertilizers that can be produced in sufficient quantity from existing in the country components and the existing industrial base, and now started to implement the strategy in practice.

The spokesman added that Russia and China are actively cooperating with UNIDO in the BRICS format and «at the present time they are and we are preparing projects in this direction».

Old new partners

He also revealed that UNIDO in recent years, noted the growing interest of Arab countries to the work of the organization. So, this year, the UAE in partnership with UNIDO, held in Abu Dhabi, the first Global summit of production and industrialization.

Although several countries had previously left the ranks of the organization (USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia and others), «but in recent years we note the increasing interest in collaboration with UNIDO and with them.»

«Now they are willing to Finance individual projects of UNIDO, we look forward to their return to the organization as full members», — said the employee of the organization.