Cameron and Prince William could be involved in a corruption scandal FIFA

© AFP 2017 / Fabrice CoffriniЗдание the headquarters of FIFA. Archival photoCameron and Prince William could be involved in a corruption scandal FIFA© 2017 AFP / Fabrice Coffrini

Prince William and former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron attended the meeting, which discussed the exchange of votes between England and South Korea in the choice of the host countries of world Championships on football 2018 and 2022, the report says the former head of the investigative chamber of the ethics Committee of FIFA Michael Garcia, published on the official website of the organization.

On Tuesday, FIFA published the full Garcia report on the investigation into the election procedure of the host countries of the 2018 and 2022. England had applied for holding the world Cup 2018, and South Korea — 2022-th, however, the result of the vote the right to host the tournament was awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively.

In the report, Garcia States that the President of the English bid campaign Jeff Thompson confirmed that David Cameron and Prince William met at that time with the current Vice-President of FIFA, Jong Monguno in one of the hotels of Zurich on the eve of the election procedure of the owners of two of the world Cup in December 2010.

«The Prime Minister asked Chon Manguna to vote for the bid of England. He said he would do it if Thompson would vote for Korea. Thompson agreed,» says the report based on the data provided by the British delegation. , Chung mangun, in turn, denied the holding of such meeting.

Subsequently, Chung mangun was going to take part in the elections of the new head of FIFA in Feb 2016, but in early October, 2015, he was suspended by the Committee on the ethics of FIFA from football activities for six years. In June 2016, the appeal Committee of FIFA has reduced his suspension from six to five years and reduced the fine from 100 to 50 thousand francs.

In the report, Garcia also stated that any violations on the part of the organizing Committee «Russia-2018» during the bid campaign was not revealed.