Decl filed four lawsuits against Basta insults in social networks

© Flickr / Alexander Plumides (Cyril Tolmatskogo). Archival photoDecl filed four lawsuits against Basta insults in social networks© Flickr / Alexander Plyuschev

The rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, alias Decl, filed four lawsuits in the October district court of Rostov-on-don to another famous musician Vasily Vakulenko (Basta/Noggano) for a total amount of four million rubles in the case of abuse in social networks, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the plaintiff Roman Lalayan.

«Cyril Tolmatsky has submitted four new cases to Vakulenko in connection with insults in social networks. We do not refuse that the damage insult each equal to one million rubles, so the total amount is four million rubles. Plus, we declare, in addition to the moral damage compensation for the amount of legal fees, costs, flights and so forth,» said Lalayan.

The aforementioned court in December 2016 has already collected 50 thousand roubles Vakulenko in favor Tolmatsky in the course of the lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity. Initially, the plaintiff demanded to recognize the fact of abuse, to recover from Vakulenko one million rubles, and to remove defamatory, in his opinion, the entry of social networking.

Conflict of performers started with the fact that Tolmatskogo in his Twitter complained about loud music in the club Vakulenko, and he is also on Twitter rudely replied. This became the reason for the first claim.