In Moscow, visiting the restaurant for the first time paid bitcoin

© Fotolia / ргіма91Электронная currency bitcoin. Archival photoIn Moscow, visiting the restaurant for the first time paid bitcoin© Fotolia / prima91

Moscow restaurant, which specializiruetsya on Russian cuisine, became the first such institution in Russia, where the customer paid in bitcoin, according to a press release from the institution.

«The first guest who used the service visited the restaurant on 27 June with a reservation. After lunch, the Muscovite easily paid with cryptocurrency from your account,» — said in the restaurant.

The virtual currency bitcoin, which can be used for financial transactions, including the online purchase of goods or services, appeared in 2009. In addition, there is the opportunity to exchange bitcoins to one of the traditional currencies. Over the past year, many Western banks reported on the work with bitcoins.

The appeal of bitcoin is not yet regulated in Russia. In early June, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the Bank of Russia intends first to examine thoroughly the principles of the cryptocurrency and then introduce regulation that depends on them to consider just how the digital asset or account of their monetary character.