SBU has published recommendations for the protection of computers against hacker attacks

CC BY-SA 2.0 / / BEZPEKA Service Ukranie on the building of the security Service of Ukraine in Kiev. Archival photoSBU has published recommendations for the protection of computers against hacker attacksCC BY-SA 2.0 / / BEZPEKA Service of Ukraine

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) has published a step-by-step recommendations to protect computers from hacker attacks, said Tuesday the press service of the Ministry.

According to the SBU, the vast majority of infected operating systems occurred through the opening of malicious applications (Word documents, PDF files) that were sent to the email addresses of many commercial and state structures.

«Attack whose main goal was the spread of file encryption Petya.A, use the network vulnerability MS17-010, the operation of which on the infected computer installed a set of scripts used by the attackers to launch the file encryption», — stated in the message.

As stated by the SBU, virus attacks computers running Microsoft Windows by encrypting the user’s files, and then displays a message about converting the file with the offer to pay for the decryption key in bitcoins equivalent to the amount of 300 dollars to unlock the data. While decoding the encrypted data can not be.

«If the computer is on and working fine, but you suspect that it might be infected, in any case, do not restart it, the virus is triggered upon restarting, and encrypts all of the files contained on the computer. Save all files that are most valuable, the individual is not connected to the computer media, and ideally, make a backup with the operating system. To identify the file encryption, you must complete all local tasks and check for the following file: C: Windows perfc.dat», — stated in the message. Next paragraphs provide recommendations on protection from hacker attacks with keys and references.

Earlier, the national Bank of Ukraine warned banks and other participants in the financial sector on external hacker attack with an unknown virus. The Ministry reported that the attack is carried out on a number of Ukrainian banks, as well as to enterprises in the commercial and public sectors. Hacking said the international airport «Borispol», Kyiv Metropolitan, the company «Ukrenergo» and «Kyivenergo», as well as Ukraine’s biggest private company for the service delivery «New mail».

In the company Group-IB, specializing in solutions for the early detection of cyber-threats, announced that the virus ransomware Forex has caused large-scale attack on the oil, telecommunications and financial companies of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, it locks computers and demands $ 300 in bitcoins.