The court denied the ex-Governor of the Bryansk region Denin.

The former Governor of Bryansk region Nikolai Denin. Archive photoThe court denied the ex-Governor of the Bryansk region Denin.

A court in the Bryansk region has not satisfied the petition about UDO the former Governor of the Bryansk region Nicholas deneen, sentenced to four years in prison for abuse of office, according to prosecutors.

Statement of deneen, who is in prison for more than a half years have been in Klintsovskiy city court.

«The court agreed with the opinion of the assistant Prosecutor for supervision over observance of laws in correctional institutions of the Bryansk region Alexander Sereda about the absence of grounds for satisfaction of the petition deneen and was denied parole last», — is spoken in the message of Prosecutor’s office.

Court 19 Nov 2015 deneen sentenced to four years of penal colony for excess of powers of office. The court also has satisfied the civil suit of the Prosecutor of the Bryansk region to recover from deneen crime caused material damage to the budget of the Bryansk region in the amount of 21.8 million rubles. At the moment the duty suit is of 17.57 million rubles, prosecutors said.

The court found, in December 2011 and January 2012 the Governor, «acting out of selfish motives», has signed the order about allocation from reserve Fund of the region more than 21.8 million rubles controlled by his family poultry farm «Snowball», because of the explosion in the workshop where two persons were lost, four more got wounds.

The court agreed with the position of the investigation that the money was allocated «in the absence of legal grounds and expended by the company «Snow» on the current financial and economic activity». As the court decided, this incident, a local character was wrongly regarded as a state of emergency on a regional scale. According to information previously voiced by the attorneys, the investigation was conducted hastily, and the sentence Denin was passed — after four and a half hours after the end of court debate.