The father died in Balashikha boy asks to recognize themselves as victims

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Father of 6-year-old boy who died in an accident in city Balashikha and in which blood examination revealed alcohol, will seek recognition of themselves as victims on criminal case about negligence, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Board of lawyers Pavel Astakhov, lawyer Victoria Danilchenko.

Resonant road accident has occurred in Balashikha April 23: a local resident driving a foreign car knocked down six year old boy. After an initial examination it was established that «in the blood of the deceased found the concentration of ethanol corresponding to the strong degree of intoxication». In fact, expert opinion was a criminal case about negligence. The head of the MIA of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev stated that the re-examination confirmed the results of the first. Later this data was confirmed by the press service of the regional Central Board of the RF IC.

«According to Roman Shimko — the boy’s father — he was informed on excitation of criminal case upon road accident only a month later. Then the results of examination according to which in the blood of the deceased found ethyl alcohol, the content of which is 2.7% ppm. The content of such quantities of alcohol in the blood of 6-year-old questioned the validity of the examination. Scandalous situation around the tragedy, requires the most thorough and professional investigation. First, we seek the recognition of the father of the boy victims in the criminal case about negligence», — said the lawyer.

According to Danilchenko, currently, the interior Ministry and the UK are investigating on this fact two criminal cases: about the accident and of negligence during the examination. In the latter case Shimko is not injured, and has the status of a witness.

«Recognition Shimko victims in the case of negligence will allow to expand a circle of powers in the criminal process», — said the lawyer.

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