The United States and Europe said about the prospects of their trade

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobounce of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. Archival photoThe United States and Europe said about the prospects of their trade© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross who canceled his visit at the economic forum in Germany, still spoke to the participants online with software speech on the approaches of the administration to trump the transatlantic economic interaction.

The official said that the US does not intend to turn away from negotiations on a free trade area with the EU (TTIP), they want to reduce the trade deficit through LNG supplies and is also concerned about the problems of dumping and import duties.

On Monday evening it became known that Ross was suddenly cancelled a visit to Germany. The reason for trip cancellation was not called, but later the economic Ministry of Germany stated that she is not connected with the deterioration of relations. As explained in the message, the President of the United States Donald trump suddenly cried out Minister to the White house.

According to the original plan Ross had a meeting with the German Minister of economic Affairs and energy, Brigitte zypris, and in the evening it was expected his statement to the conference of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) with a speech on the future of transatlantic economic interaction. The event was also expected the presence of the Chairman of the CDU and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

In the evening Ross still spoke German economic forum via teleconference. He spoke about the look of the new U.S. administration to cooperate with the EU and received an answer Merkel.

The U.S. did not turn away from TTIP

In particular, Ross said that the United States will continue to vest and negotiations on TTIP – the free trade area between the EU and the USA.

«I can definitely say: we are not planning and will not turn away from the TTIP. We as a trading partner (the EU) need the free trade agreement,» said Ross, quoted by Reuters.

And recalled that Mexico, for example, has concluded three times more trade agreements than the United States.

The EU is currently seeking ways to resuscitation of the negotiations with the US on TTIP, which has effectively stalled under the administration of Barack Obama. Most European experts believe that Washington is not going to sufficient concessions in the regulation of product standards, and drafted the free trade agreement will be much more profitable for the US than Europe, which may hurt European industry and agriculture were not competitive with lower-quality but cheaper American goods.

Energy at stake

Another problematic issue for the USA and the EU could be the approach of the American administration to oil and gas supplies to Europe. Ross said the United States plans to reduce the current trade deficit of $ 500 billion, including due to the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the European Union.

«We hope to reduce our current trade deficit of 500 billion dollars, for example by increasing LNG deliveries to the EU,» he said. On the same day the White house released a statement which announced the intention to double oil supplies abroad – up to 1 million barrels per day and become a «world leader in LNG exports».

The United States and Europe said about the prospects of their trade© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotobanka: the impending US sanctions against Russia would be discussed with Evrosousom time, the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern previously condemned the draft of new U.S. sanctions against Russia, which, as they noted, it is «about the sale of us liquefied natural gas and squeezing of Russian natural gas supplies to the European market.» The purpose of this is to «ensure a job in the oil and gas industry in the United States,» they said in their document. Gabriel and Kern believe that political sanctions instruments should not be linked with economic interests.

The official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert said that Merkel supported the statement made by Gabriel and Core.

Duties and dumping. Steel and cars

The United States and Europe said about the prospects of their trade© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka: the United States in the matter of anti-Russian sanctions – the cynical logic of cartageneros also called on the EU to work together to address the problems of dumping, in particular in the supply of steel.

According to him, «you do not suffer from dumping in that area as of the United States» and Washington expects that the issue will be resolved with the participation of importers (largely European countries).

Ross promised that the administration trump will use to address these issues, «a wide range of instruments.»

Sources informed Reuters that the supply of steel was named among the stumbling blocks in the economic relations between the US and China, one of the largest steel producers in the world.

The United States and Europe said about the prospects of their trade© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photosangelina believes the US plans for an anti-European policy prasannasiddhi aspect that is not satisfied with the US — taxes on automobiles. According to Ross, they are higher for American cars in Europe than European cars in the United States. In addition, the EU and the United States will have to resolve issues of various kinds of standards in manufacturing and trade. Ross agreed that they «can also be a problem.»

Earlier, after talks with the United States under the Obama administration, the European politicians said that America is actually trying to remake the European trade under its rules that the EU is not satisfied.

Merkel listened to the arguments of American officials and said that she «that we have again started negotiations for signing the free trade agreement». Her words quoted by the German news Agency DPA.

The German Chancellor has expressed a desire to continue negotiations on the free trade zone, but provided that the problems between Brussels and the US will be allowed.