A resident of the North Caucasus tried to go to Syria to die sinless

© Mikhail Alaeddin / MIA «Russia today», the Historic part of the city of Aleppo. Syria, 03.09.2016A resident of the North Caucasus tried to go to Syria to die sinless© Mikhail Alaeddin / MIA «Russia today»

Security officials in North Ossetia detained at the border of a resident of one of the republics, who had intended to join the militants in Syria, inspired by the idea of forgiveness of sins for death in battle, according to the border Department of the FSB in North Ossetia.

«At the checkpoint «Upper Lars» to travel to Georgia have been identified 40-year-old citizen of Russia. As it turned out, the detainee intentionally acquired a foreign passport, hoping through the territory of a neighboring country to go to Syria to join the ranks of illegal armed groups and to take part in the fighting», — stated in the message.

As noted, according to the man, more likely he bribed the promise of the forgiveness of all past sins, which the believer can earn by dying in battle.

«The detainee later admitted to officers that failed attempts to check-out in Syria in the past has repeatedly tried to «hide» from not satisfied with his home reality. A way for him to become causing psychological dependence substance homemade production», — notes the Agency.

To abandon their use of the man did not, despite the recent interest in religion, moreover, much encouraged by the prospects of being in Syria, because «wherever he went, many fighters use and more powerful drugs,» according to management.

Currently, the detainee transferred to law enforcement authorities at the place of residence, it is threatened by criminal prosecution. —0-