Crib in chocolate. Observers during the exam caught about 900 offenders

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoracconti pupils for banned items and cheat sheets on the exams. Archival photoCrib in chocolate. Observers during the exam caught about 900 offenders© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Russian school graduates and University students are always distinguished by ingenuity in the preparation of Cribs and the art of cheating; on the original of them, and also about how they are helping their parents, RIA Novosti said the head of the Russian Union of youth (RUY) Pavel krasnorutskiy, as well as public observers that over the period exam-2017 caught almost a thousand offenders.

According to Rosobrnadzor, in examinations in 2017, involved more than 700 thousand people, of which about 617 thousand graduates of the current year. That procedure examination went flawlessly, according to all the rules and without cheating, since 2014, the course exam is monitored not only officially authorised bodies and public observers of the Russian youth Union. This year, thanks to their vigilance managed to catch nearly a thousand offenders.

«This year our public observers went to the examination of more than 1.5 thousand times and recorded 871 violation — as students and the organizers of the exam. The majority of offenders — it is the organizers and not the dealer», — told RIA Novosti Chairman of the Russian Union of youth Pavel krasnorutskiy.

According to him, most of the violations pertained to the lack of premises for accompanying, public observers, representatives of mass media or improper the admission of members of state examination on the points of their reception. The observers also identified the lack of online broadcasts, strangers in the audience and attempts to make the exam materials.

Who are the observers

Public observers for the state exam appeared in 2014. It was then that an agreement was concluded between the Russian Union of youth and into the spotlight, suggesting the interaction in terms of public monitoring of the use. Since then, the RSM observers watching the progress of the study on educational programmes of basic General and secondary General education. The practice of public monitoring of the exam is of great interest to students and has developed into a whole movement – the case of public observers.

«Our public observers are those students who recently passed the exam, and I think this is a very important factor. In fact, participating in the monitoring of the exam, the guys are not only doing useful work, they raise themselves the responsibility and ability to take responsibility for their own decisions, they will need further in adult life,» said krasnorutskiy.

The main objective of RSM in this direction is to prepare mobile and independent observers ready to monitor regardless of place of residence and training. Also, take into account the probability of possible sympathy and assistance of friends and acquaintances. To eliminate any background to a biased assessment of the process of passing the state examination, about hundreds of public observers work in the regions, not by place of residence and education, told krasnorutskiy. For example, the examination process in the Crimea following public observers from Dagestan and the Krasnodar territory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Chechnya, Northern Ossetia-Alania Republic — from the Astrakhan region, in the Chechen Republic from Stavropol territory. In Moscow this year were the guys from Rostov, Saratov regions, Tatarstan and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Become an observer may any student in this year’s selection took place since the beginning of March. In the end, preference was given to students of senior courses of universities. There was a total of about 7.5 thousand applications from those wishing to become public observers. According to testing and interviews the number was reduced to 6 thousand, which was sent to the 85 regions of our country.

«I have no doubt that this figure will continue to grow, and our observers will expand the scope of its activities. Now the guys are ready to exercise control not only over the course of the exam, but also to act as independent observers of the elections or in the preparation of independent ratings,» said krasnorutskiy.

Crib chocolate phones in the hair and the «lab» exam

Earlier, the Deputy head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev reported that the initiators of bringing to the exam phone or Cribs in 90% of cases are not just pupils, adults, teachers or parents of graduates.

«It happens that parents equip close to points of reception the whole «laboratory» to meet the challenges of the exam and try to break into the points under the guise of law enforcement — there was a case when a «employee» was trying to climb through the window,» said the coordinator of the public observers corps RSM Ekaterina Golovanova from the Rostov region.

According to Krasnorutskiy, the students themselves are not such a wide range of disorders as adults. Most often the exam participants are trying to use the crib or to carry mobile phones. Less graduates are removed from the exams for conversations in the classroom and attempt to take the exam for someone else.

As told to the public observers, sometimes students are particularly smart and are hiding crib where no one would have guessed to look for them. The head of Rosobrnadzor has previously warned the graduates against attempts to bring to the exam a crib, hidden in the wrappers of chocolate or bottles of water. This year one of the observers caught the dealer, who scrawled the formula needed on the exam, on the chocolate.

According to observers, in one of the regions has extremely lengthy hair, inside of which tried to carry multiple phones. Another alumnus hid the phone in the pant leg and depicting severe abdominal pain, lest he fell, tried to go to the exit of the school. Periodically, these «craftsmen» post pictures of their Cribs in the network – for example, the formula written on the inner side of the long nails.

Crib in universities and the art of cheating

Complete the entire control system for the unified state exam and enrolling in College, the students still continue to attempt to use the crib in the universities. Those who do not know the subject to receive credit, and those who know, often overreacting out of fear to fill up the exam. And, as told RIA Novosti the student, who asked to remain anonymous, he was removed from the exam, when you already wrote a reply and decided to check on the pre-prepared notes.

The Dean of the faculty of Philology of PFUR, doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Viktor Vladimirovich Barabash told RIA Novosti that the University of friendship of peoples, on the contrary, more interesting stories about how to react to cheating foreigners.

«At the first attestations of some of our Russian students are faced with the fact that their classmates are not prepared «spurs» and even condemn the desire to learn all in one night. In the vast majority of countries cheating is a sign of stupidity, bad manners and deceit. And in South Korea, for example, only one student applies for the highest score, so there developed a competition, and to give to write off means to go against personal interests,» he explained.

Crib in chocolate. Observers during the exam caught about 900 offenders© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotobanka 57% of taking the exam go to the «budget» stated in Minobrnauki told Barabash, PFUR operates point-rating system, but on the same score can qualify for some students, and not one, as in Korea. «Although the Koreans in the second year of training the sense of competition is weakened, to write off they still don’t know how,» he added.

Barabash also said that very often young teachers beginning to conduct workshops at foreign audience, and control the work firmly in control of the whole process, and experienced professors are much more in touch with their students and get objective results.

«By the way, in the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language there is even a special exercise «control cheating», which is used for teaching writing skills in Cyrillic letters, which is especially important for Asians and Arabs. So to some extent, cheating and foreigners can be very useful,» — said the Professor.