Expert: Egypt has the right to military intervention in Libya

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Egypt has the right to intervene militarily in Libya and assist the Libyan army, as there are terrorists pose an imminent threat to the security of the country, told RIA Novosti adviser to the Higher military Academy of the Egyptian General Mahmoud Khalaf.

«Egypt is helping the Libyan army in accordance with the 51st article of the Seventh Chapter of the UN Charter, which gives the right to military intervention in the neighboring country if it is threatened, and she is not able to counter this threat,» — said the expert.

He explained that Egypt has «a variety of assistance» to the Libyan army, while refusing to disclose the details of this assistance. Thus, according to the expert, such assistance may be up before the UN security Council will develop a different mechanism to counter the terrorist threat in the Libyan territory.

On Wednesday, Deputy foreign Minister of Egypt, Tarek al-kuni, speaking at a special session of the UN stated that Libya has become a sanctuary for terrorists, including those who pose a threat to Egypt. He, in particular, recalled the attacks on Egyptian Christians in the South in may of the current year, and attempt on 12 cars with guns and explosives to infiltrate into Egyptian territory from Libya in the beginning of this week.

Earlier, Egypt was repeatedly attacked terrorist bases in Libya in response to murder of Egyptian citizens and terrorist attacks on Egyptian territory.

According to the adviser of the military Academy, Egyptian air force strikes allow the Libyan army to win new territory from terrorists, as happened in particular with the base El-Kufra in the South.

«The security and stability of Egypt depends on the security and stability of Libya, it is impossible to ignore a common border stretching over one thousand kilometers, so Egypt will not allow you to turn Libya into a refuge for terrorist groups and militias supported by Qatar,» said the Egyptian expert. He added that Cairo is committed to helping the Libyan army under the command of Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot to take control of the entire country.

The military expert also expressed confidence in the international support for the action of Egypt in Libya. «The international community supports Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism, especially given the fact that Europe fears spread of this phenomenon in the South of the Mediterranean, as well as trying to stem the flow of illegal migrants, most of which depart from the coast of Libya,» concluded the Egyptian military expert.