Gravitational waves can hide traces of other dimensions, found physics

© Photo : Michael Koppitz / aetac the artist imagined merging black holes and they produce gravitational wavesGravitational waves can hide traces of other dimensions, found physics© Photo : Michael Koppitz / aei

. Bursts of gravitational waves generated by merging black holes or pulsars, may contain information on hidden, or «collapsed» dimensions of the Universe, say scientists in an article published in Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

«Compared to other fundamental forces such as electromagnetism, for example, gravity is a very weak effect on the matter. The reason for this weakness may be that it interacts not only with the three visible dimensions and time, and a much larger number,» said David Andriot (David Andriot) from the Institute for gravitational physics in Potsdam (Germany).

Today there’s no scientific consensus about what is our universe four-dimensional or more dimensions, some of which we don’t see for different reasons. The existence of these dimensions, as physicists hope, will help to reconcile the theory of relativity and quantum physics to create a theory of quantum gravity to explain what happens inside black holes.

For example, superstring theory posits that the universe was originally ten-dimensional born and had one temporal and nine spatial dimensions. The part of the supporters of this theory believe that the «extra» six dimensions imploded and closed up on themselves. Other physicists believe that our four-dimensional universe is only a part of the multidimensional multiverse (multiverse), and the remaining six dimensions we can’t see and explore.

Andriot, and his colleague Gustavo Gomez (Gustavo Gomez) declare that the traces of these measurements, the potential of parallel Universes and the multiverse you can hide how «Einstein» waves propagate from their source to the detectors LIGO and other gravitational observatories on Earth.

Gomez and Andriot tried to find out whether this really counted, as will appear as gravitational wave «Einstein’s» four-dimensional and ten-dimensional superstring Universe and comparing them with each other.

As shown by these calculations, additional measurements should really influence the behavior and structure fluctuations of space-time, two seriously changing the properties of the gravitational waves from the «multidimensional» Universe will have unusual polarization, and their power in the high frequency part of the spectrum in excess of one thousand Hertz is abnormally high.

While both of these effect measure difficult including because LIGO simply cannot observe such high-frequency oscillations. In turn, researchers are able to measure the polarization of gravitational waves prior to the commissioning of the main «competitor» of the American Observatory of the European VIRGO detector, which will start in late August of this year, when the operation of LIGO will be once stopped.

As the researchers note, their theory can only be tested in late 2018 or early 2019, when both gravitational Observatory. Then, hopefully, Andriod and Gomez, for the first time we will be able to know whether there are other dimensions and related parallel universes, or multiverse about them.