«Holyfield’s ear tasted not very.» Twenty years the most famous battle

© AP Photo / Jack SmithМайк Tyson bites the ear of Evander Holyfield in the third round of a Boxing match WBA heavyweight title in Las Vegas. June 28, 1997«Holyfield’s ear tasted not very.» Twenty years the most famous battle© AP Photo / Jack Smith

Exactly 20 years ago in Las Vegas took place the battle the outcome of which I know even people not watching the Boxing. The fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield went down in history not for sporting reasons: at the end of the third round of the legendary boxer, whose extravagant antics before stayed outside of the ring, bit off Holyfield’s ear part.

Mike Tyson, shriveled boy who lived in disadvantaged areas, who raised pigeons and unable to fend for themselves in 10 years encountered members of a local gang. One of the Teens decapitated pigeon Mike. In response, Tyson pounced on the offender and beat him up. So the future star of Boxing have got recognition among young offenders and for 13 years had 38 drives to the police station.

With this track record, Mike went to school for troubled Teens, where he met Bob Stewart in the past has achieved considerable success in Amateur Boxing and worked as a curator at the detention center for juvenile offenders. Stuart agreed to follow up with Tyson, but on the condition that he would improve academic performance in 13 years, Mike almost couldn’t read. Just a few months, the future holder of three belts of the world champion in heavy weight caught up with their peers.

Tyson is rapidly progressed, the coach passed it to each other, and in 18 years, Mike made his debut in the professional ring. In the first 19 fights, no opponent was able to survive more than six rounds, and 12 fights Tyson was finished in the first three minutes. At age 20 he won two world title — the WBA and WBC, 21 has added a champion belt under version IBF, 22 — according to Ring magazine. The same magazine, which has existed for 95 years, and twice in 1986 and 1988 were recognized Mike best boxer of the year.«Holyfield’s ear tasted not very.» Twenty years the most famous battle

In parallel with this Evander Holyfield also made his way to the title of the strongest boxer of a planet: just between the two awards Tyson — in 1987 — the title from the magazine went to Holyfield. Evander was the ninth child in the family and also grew up in disadvantaged areas of Atlanta. For any fault mother whipped him with a belt — as he later confessed Holyfield, such education has been useful, and if not for penalties, he could join a gang and spend life in prison. In eight years, Holyfield started Boxing, but there was little even on the background of their peers — by age 17 he was just over 170 inches, and weighed less than 70 pounds. However, closer to the age of 21, began to grow and gain weight — then he began to box at the professional level. Like Tyson, Holyfield never lost: by 1990, he has had 24 wins. All went to the fact that these two boxers were supposed to meet.

However, the amendments were introduced by case — James Douglas sensationally defeated Tyson in a fight in three championship belts. Bookies do not consider James as a rival to Mike, who at the time was considered the strongest heavyweight on the planet, and the coefficient on the victory of Douglas was 42 to one. In turn, Holyfield, taking advantage of a mistake Tyson defeated Douglas just six months and took the titles to himself. Mike was forced to carry out some fights contenders before stepping into the ring against Evander, it took more than a year. In July 1991 the fight between Holyfield and Tyson was agreed upon. But after a few weeks Mike was arrested on charges of raping 18-year-old girl in February 1992, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Tyson was released on parole after serving three years. Holyfield is for time spent only eight fights, three of which lost, and also learned about the heart problems, because of which even decided to make a pause in your career. Mike started to get in shape, regained the WBA and WBC titles, and in November 1996 already Holyfield came to fight with Tyson as a contender. Won — Mike was not able to adapt to the tactics of Evander. At the end of the 10th round, Holyfield conducted a series of blows, after which Tyson could not recover: at the beginning of the 11th round, he was hardly defending himself and the referee was forced to stop the fight.

A rematch was scheduled for 28 June 1997, and to this day it remains one of the most famous in Boxing history. All 16 thousand tickets were sold out for the day, two million viewers were willing to pay for live broadcasting. A crucial meeting of the two outstanding boxers of his time looked in 97 countries.

From the beginning of the fight, Holyfield began to enter the clinch and — intentionally or not — several times touched his head to Tyson, causing a cut. In the third round this enraged Mike, a man already fairly aggressive. During one clinch, Tyson bit into Holyfield’s ear and tore off a piece — on the replay is clearly seen as he spits it out in the ring. Evander jumped from the pain, the round is stopped and a boxer put in order. But a few seconds after resuming the fight Tyson again bit the enemy, but this time, suffered for the left ear.«Holyfield’s ear tasted not very.» Twenty years the most famous battle

Holyfield refused to continue the fight. The judges watched the replay of the episode with a bite and decided to disqualify Tyson, what, in turn, sparked a brawl. For the first time in 50 years, the title match between the heavyweights was stopped because of a disqualification of participants. This was followed by a huge for those times a fine of three million dollars and review at Mike’s Boxing license, which, however, soon returned.

Two days after the fight, Tyson issued a statement in which he apologized to Holyfield and spectators, but also justifying his behavior by the fact that the judges didn’t notice that Evander beat him head — some journalists agreed with these accusations. The Holyfield explained the behavior of Tyson simple word «wrath», saying that Mike very quickly figured out what was happening, realized that to win honestly in this battle, he did not succeed, and therefore become behave.

In any case, this scandal has generated a lot of stories — in the States there were cookies made in the shape of an ear, Mike admitted that the ear of Holyfield «the taste was not very», and began to advertise the BBQ sauce, saying that this sauce would be tastier. And while fighting Muhammad Ali with Joe Frazier, sugar ray Leonard, Roberto Duran or Micky ward Arturo Gatti, in terms of Boxing played a much greater role in the history of this sport, it is the confrontation between Tyson and Holyfield remains the most famous among ordinary viewers in the United States and beyond.Michael Tyson was opened in Gudermes Russia tournament on Boxing