In the American Senate approved the military budget

© Flickr / U.S. Army / Spc. Stefan EnglishСолдаты of the U.S. army. Archival photoIn the American Senate approved the military budget© Flickr / U.S. Army / Spc. Stefan English

Profile Committee of the Senate of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday approved the military budget for the 2018 fiscal year, reported the Hill newspaper.

According to her, the Senate Committee on the armed forces supported the option providing for the needs of the Pentagon 640 billion dollars. Another $ 60 billion is proposed for the conduct of military operations abroad.

As stated in this regard, the head of the Committee, Republican Senator John McCain, the military budget «begins the process of recovery of the us armed forces after six years of horrendous cuts in funding.»

Hill recalls that the White house has requested in 2018 to the military 603 billion plus 65 billion dollars on military operations abroad.

The profile Committee on armed services of the house of representatives is now considering the draft budget, highlighting the needs of the Pentagon, a total of 696,5 billion.