In the center of Moscow Chilean fans celebrate victory over Portugal

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Dozens of Chilean fans staged celebrations in the center of Moscow after the victory in the semifinal of the confederations Cup against Portugal on penalties, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The Portuguese on Wednesday at «Kazan Arena» stadium in the semifinals of the tournament lost against Chile in a penalty shootout with the score 0:3. The main and extra time ended in a 0-0 draw.

About nine o’clock in the evening Moscow time in the bars in the center of the Lubyanka and red square began to gather a group of football fans to watch the broadcast of the match between Chile and Portugal. Among football fans stood Chileans: they were easily recognizable by the red shirts, the flags of Chile and scarves with the symbols, and, of course, the conversations in Spanish.

The match was held in Kazan, and in Moscow gathered those who could not go to the capital of Tatarstan — the Chilean Diaspora in Moscow, their friends and fans of the Chile, which was not a ticket to an important game, said to RIA Novosti one of the fans. Just local bars gathered several dozen Chileans.

«There are students, businessmen, diplomats. There is a bartender and a teacher of salsa — in General, all sectors of society, but today the differences between us are not important, because we are all Chileans,» said a fan. His friend, flown in from Latin America specifically for the Cup, said that the hotel is very nice, in distant Russia they have so many countrymen.

«Today is an important match because Portugal have a long-standing scores, and the issue of reaching the final. We can’t miss this», — said the football enthusiast.

The area of red square and Nikolskaya street was selected for several reasons — first of all, here I like to walk all the tourists, including fans, and at the beginning of the Cup they liked the couple of local sports bars. In addition, Red square evokes pleasant associations Chileans, because it is the same color with the colors of Chile’s national team. Finally, it is here that there are several Latin clubs, for example, there is a Cuban bar, a popular Latino dancers, salsa and bachata. All who could not fit into a Cuban club, went to the neighboring bars — the good, the stream was included in all institutions.

Chileans are very emotionally worried about all the twists and turns of the match: shouted, whistled and even cried. The rest of the visitors watched with interest the guests from the other hemisphere, and even filmed them on smartphones.

«I was rooting for Portugal, because I liked the players, but the Chilean fans were lovely — shows how they care for their team. I even could not imagine that in Moscow, many Chileans», — told RIA Novosti one of the attendees.

Its culmination of experiences of the Chileans reached the end of the match: his regular time and extra time ended goalless, and a penalty shot. Chileans are very emotionally reliving every shot on goal. When it became clear that Chile won, sports bar exploded with screams of fans. After the victory of the Chileans rushed to the street to walk on the red square and the surrounding area. They chanted «Victory! Victory!» and «long live Chile!» and shared her joy with random passers-by, waving flags and scarves.

«Now we will root for our team in the Cup final. I will try to get to the stadium,» — said RIA Novosti Chilean fan.

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In the center of Moscow Chilean fans celebrate victory over Portugal© Infographique Confederations in facts and figures