In the waters of the island of Hogland found two shipwrecks of the nineteenth century

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Experts of the Center for undersea research PRO (TSPI PRO) surveyed the waters of Gogland island and found two shipwrecks of the nineteenth century.

Gogland island located in the Eastern part of the Gulf, 180 kilometres West of St. Petersburg. The search was performed using the hydroacoustic equipment. Found the two-masted barque of the nineteenth century (completely collapsed, leaving only walls and upper deck) and a sailing transport ship of the XIX century (presumably European yacht). The objects lay at a depth of 60 meters and more. To identify ships visually is not possible because of poor visibility (less than one meter).

Continued work and a landmark for the team TSPI PRO object — sailing screw frigate «Oleg», which sank in 1869. Last time specialists immersed in the ocean raider in 2013. Team FIC PRO it was necessary to understand how changes to the ship over the last four years.

According to the preliminary results of the inspection, the negative changes are detected. Divers inspected the ship’s Church, now developed the technique of the rise of religious artifacts, which are preserved in it. This time, the command TSPI PRO managed to get to the officers ‘ cabin.

In the future, the divers plan to continue the search, identification and preservation of objects of historical heritage, as well as the establishment of a register of the monuments around the island of Gogland.