In Tyumen by the end of the year built the first underground Parking

© RIA Novosti / Victoria Vitrectomy Parking. Archival photoIn Tyumen by the end of the year built the first underground Parking© RIA Novosti / Victoria Viatris

The construction of the first in Tyumen underground Parking for three hundred cars are planned to be completed by the end of 2017 in the framework of the project on reconstruction of the square of the 400th anniversary of the city, reported RIA Novosti employee of the press service of the Governor.

«For Tyumen it will be the first such experience, because the city is quite difficult soils, highly suitable ground water. A landmark project if it is successful, then the same Parking lot will appear in other areas of the city» — led the Agency’s interlocutor words of the head of the region Vladimir Yakushev.

He added that after the construction is completed the area will be more comfortable for major city events and holidays. There will be a fountain, space for food service establishments, areas for walking and recreation.

According to Vladimir Yakushev, in the next two years Tyumen will be serious changes in the transport infrastructure. Interchange under construction on the street Permyakova will solve the problem of traffic on the ring road in the direction of Yalutorovsk and Ishim, and the new bridge twice will increase the capacity of the street Melnikaite, there will be constructed interchange with street Dambovskaya.

«In the end, we get a wide road, which will comfortably cross the city. Built not just the roadbed, the training of the entire infrastructure, including green areas along the roads, storm drainage facilities and pedestrian crossings. The face of the city in these two years will seriously change,» the Governor said.