«Invasion-2017»: records, news and elections of the President of the festival

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobacteria at a music festival Invasion. Archival photo«Invasion-2017»: records, news and elections of the President of the festival© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The annual music festival «Invasion» will take place 7-9 July in the Big Zavidovo (Tver region). According to the organizers, for the first time in the history of the festival for eight days before the event was closed by the sale of tickets and VIP camping «Leningrad».

General Director of CJSC «Multimedia Holding» Yevgeny Kiselyov said that the explosive growth of ticket sales for the «Invasion» was a complete surprise for the organizers and forced them for the first time in the history of national music festivals to announce sold out in several categories of tickets: «I Admit, it was a complete surprise for us. Every year we create at the festival infrastructure, which consists of several zones. And always these areas were built with a large margin by the number of seats. But this year, despite the fact that all tickets to the festival name, sales have exceeded all forecasts. People who want to come and be guests of the festival so much that, for example, stands for the guests of the VIP area can no longer accommodate all comers. Seats available just yet!» — said Yevgeny Kiselyov.

According Kiseleva, this situation turned out to be an unexpected challenge for the organizers, because so far none of the Russian festival hasn’t been announced yet SOLD OUT.

As noted Director of «Invasion-2017,» Sergei Gorbachev, the idea was born spontaneously hold elections: «presidential Elections «Invasion» — an idea that was born spontaneously in the air «Our Radio». Leading tried to take the «dare» Ella Pamfilova, the Chairman of the CEC took up the challenge and right in the air promised to conduct the most unusual elections in the country — right at the «Invasion». Further it has become a challenge for us: in a short time we had to figure out how to make it so that these elections become a real feature of the festival. Around these elections, there will be many activities on the field, I don’t wanna spoil surprises, but I can say the most important is that the elections will be fair, transparent and as democratic as possible.

Elections will be held in 3 stages: in the first, everyone could nominate any candidate for the presidency of the «Invasion», there are no restrictions from our side was not and we are for 3 days received 750 applications with the names of 51 candidates.

The third stage will be held from 7 to 9 July in the field of festival «Invasion». Of the ten candidates, visitors to the festival by direct vote to elect their President. And we actively help the Central election Commission of Russia, which will deploy on the field their polling place, where everything will be grown-up, with the real election by ballot boxes, ballot papers and other election paraphernalia. Well, around this will be a musical holiday, which is any «Invasion», and it will be most unusual, hottest elections in the country.»

According to Sergey Gorbachev, already in the course of preliminary voting on the website «Our Radio» you can judge that idea very much, people are actively involved in this game: «For us it is a whole new experience. Therefore, we are willing to make an annual election, but the decision will be on the field those festival guests who will come and vote for their President «Invasion».

Traditional action «Together we — force!» will hold the Russian Army. One of the most exciting events will be a performance of aerobatic team «Russian Knights».

Sergei Gorbachev said that there will be many surprises: «this year we have increased the number of entertainment for children, invited the famous illusionists brothers Safronov, going every day to show a film and even give a theatrical performance — Sasha Petrov, known to television viewers, will present the author’s theatrical show».

While Director of the festival said that the main surprise has already received, the organizers of «Invasion», who did not expect such a boom in ticket sales. According to Sergey Gorbachev, it is obvious that this will be the most massive in its history, the festival.