Italian Director Placido spoke about the new film and the issue of migration

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in potenciadance actor and Director Michele Placido. Archival photoItalian Director Placido spoke about the new film and the issue of migration© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

Italian actor and Director, star of TV series «Sprut» Michele Placido representing the environment in the framework of the Moscow international film festival (MIFF) his new film «Seven minutes» on the problems of the Italian working class, believes that migration creates a huge problem for the West, and the theme of the drama is important not only for Italy.

The picture Placido talks about how the owners of a textile factory sell big corporations controlling stake of the company. In the contract there is one point which must be signed by a work Council. Eleven women have to decide for themselves and their colleagues whether to agree to this proposal or not.

«This film is beyond my Director’s profile and go beyond my acting profile — police stories. The picture was taken on a play by Stefano Massini. I love this story about working women, I wanted to talk about issues that worries the West,» — said Placido.

He noted that «migration creates a huge problem for the West.»

«The working class is now afraid of losing the place because of a change in the political scenario, migration creates a huge problem. Every year in Italy 200-300 thousand migrants, people who are fleeing from the edges, where there is nothing, expect to find in Italy a Paradise. Of course the factory is full, for the working class the biggest problem is the fear to lose the workplace», continued Placido, adding that the filmmakers wanted to cause the viewer to dialogue, as the topic is relevant not only in Italy but also in other countries.

Placido said that his directing career began with a social film about a young African who comes to work in Italy to save money for College.

«I believe that the Director should tell about the real facts of our life. When the factory where we filmed, was founded, it employed 700 people, now 300, lots of these weavers took part in the filming of the movie,» said the Director.

Placido made his film debut in 1971, appearing in paintings by leading Italian Directors Luigi Comencini, Mario Monicelli, Francesco Rosi, Marco Bellocchio and Carlo Lidzani. In 1983 became famous playing the role of captain Qahtani in the TV series «Sprut» Damiano Damiani. In 1991 played a major role in the film by Russian Director Vladimir Bortko «Afghan breakdown».

In 1990, Placido made his debut in directing the film «Pummaro». He made 13 feature films, including «Blood of a friend» (1992), «bourgeois hero» (1995), «Lost love» (1998), «You’re everywhere» (2004), «Crime novel» (2005), «Vallanzaska — angels of evil» (2010) and «the Observer» (2012).

Italian Director Placido spoke about the new film and the issue of migration© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria Moscow international film festival