«Kaspersky lab» victims of the virus You will not be able to get the files back

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria while working in the company Kaspersky Lab. Archival photo«Kaspersky lab» victims of the virus You will not be able to get the files back© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Victims of the new virus-ransomware (ransomware) will not be able to recover their files after infection, according to «Kaspersky Lab».

According to early reports, activated Tuesday by the malicious virus the Trojan was related to already known to the family of ransomware Petya, but later it turned out that we are talking about a new family of malware with a significantly different functionality. «Kaspersky lab» dubbed the new virus ExPetr.

«Our experts conducted the analysis has shown that the victims did not initially have the chance to recover their files. The researchers «Kaspersky Lab» analyzed the part of the code of the malware that is associated with the file encryption, and found that once the drive is encrypted, the creators of the virus were no longer able to decode it back,» said the lab.

As noted in the company, to decrypt a unique identifier of a particular installation of a Trojan. In the previously known versions of similar coders Forex/Mischa/GoldenEye the installation ID contain the information necessary for decryption. In the case ExPetr this ID no. This means that the creators of the malware are unable to obtain the information required to decrypt the files. In other words, the victims of extortion are not able to recover their data, says «Kaspersky Lab».

The virus locks computers and demands $ 300 in bitcoins, reported RIA Novosti in the company Group-IB. The attack began on Tuesday around 11.00. According to media reports, at 18.00 environment bitcoin wallet that was specified for the transfer of funds extortionists, received nine transfers. Taking into account transfer fees, the victims were transferred to the hackers about 2.7 thousands of dollars.

According to antivirus company ESET, the attack began with Ukraine, which more than other countries suffered from it. According to the rating of the company for the countries affected by the virus, in second place after Ukraine — Italy — the third Israel. The top ten also included Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Czech Republic and Germany. Russia in this list took the 14th place.