Klimenko: Telegram will eventually have to cooperate with authorities

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The messenger Telegram, which managed to avoid blocking in Russia, will eventually have to cooperate with the state authorities, because no state will tolerate on its territory anonymous resources, Advisor of the Russian President on the Internet Herman Klimenko.

Roskomnadzor last week demanded that the Telegram to provide the office information for inclusion in the register of organisers of dissemination of information, otherwise the messenger will be blocked in Russia. On Wednesday, the Creator of the messenger, Pavel Durov said that when it comes to providing exclusively registration data Telegram, he agreed to the inclusion of the messenger in the registry, however, it does not meet the requirements of the «law of Spring».

Later, the head of Department Alexander Zharov said that the Telegram provided all legally required information to be included in the register of the organizers of the dissemination of information messenger, had been made to the registry.

According to the politician, in the future, Telegram will still have to cooperate with government agencies of countries where the works messenger.

«The struggle between anonymity and privacy will not go away. My job Advisor has begun, in my opinion, with a scandal, when someone asked me how I see the future of the Telegram, I said that sooner or later the actor will cooperate with the States, as a resource it will die because it is inevitable, if not now, then, but no country in the world eventually will not tolerate on its territory, anonymous — anonymous, not private sources. It is inevitable, so it’s not going anywhere», — Klimenko told RIA Novosti.Do you use Telegram?

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He noted that registration does not oblige the resource to convey to the government any user data. «It is not clear why they got this story. Inclusion in this register does not obligate the company to cooperate and something to give, it was known from the beginning. As I understand it, is for Durov was crucial that he didn’t do anything, that he was not involved to any gesture, not a word was encapsulated in collaboration. What he has done,» — said the presidential adviser.

While Klimenko considers contradictory actions of the command of the messenger: on the one hand, he (the actor — ed.) were refused entry in the register, but is cooperating with authorities in the removal of illegal channels of information (terrorism, extremism, etc.).