Plot not found: FIFA checked the legal obtaining of the Russia 2018 world Cup

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The ethics Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) in the person of the head of the investigative chamber of Maria Claudia Rojas and head of the arbitration chamber there of Skouris decided to publish the full report of the inquiry into the legality of the election of the host countries of FIFA world cups 2018 and 2022, which were respectively Russia and Qatar, the so – called Garcia report.

Thus all suspicions about the legality of obtaining the right to host these world Championships was finally removed. The Russian football chiefs admit that the attacks will continue but they will be futile.

That FIFA did not find violations in the electoral process, was announced in November 2014, after a year of investigation, which was headed at that time the head of the investigative chamber of the ethics Committee of FIFA Michael Garcia. To publish the full report FIFA did not, noting that this is possible only after the completion of the ongoing investigations in respect of individuals, and if possible from a legal point of view.

The decision to publish the report on 27 June of the current year was due, as noted in the statement of FIFA, that extracts from the report of an illegal hit one of the German Newspapers and the publication of the report became necessary in order to avoid the spread of misleading information.

On Tuesday, FIFA published the full report of Garcia, which consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to preparation for elections and all applications for the right to host the world cups 2018 and 2022, with the exception of the applications of Russia and the USA: in particular, application Australia for 2022, the joint bid of Belgium and Holland, but also Spain and Portugal for 2018, England in 2018, Japan and Korea for 2022.

The second part of the report devoted to Russia’s request, the third request of the United States. These two parts were prepared by Deputy Garcia Swiss Cornel Borbely. Sam Garcia, a U.S. citizen, could not participate in some parts of the investigation in respect of Russia and the United States in connection with the possibility of a conflict of interest.

Gifts? Only symbolic

The biggest scandal in FIFA for all more than centenary history of the organization broke out in 2015. First there was the arrest of high-ranking officials of the international Federation, and then the resignation of its President, Joseph Blatter, head of FIFA since 1998. Main line issues within FIFA, according to prosecutors, began a large-scale corruption in the past two decades around marketing and broadcasting deals, as well as applications for the world Championships. In particular they talked about the upcoming Championships in 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar. Since the same time in a regular format from a number of Western sources were heard allusions to the illegality of obtaining the Russian side the right to host the largest forum, and national football leadership has taken the defensive.

Tuesday night suspicion against Russia was documented. In the report, Garcia recorded a clear position: «there is No evidence of Russia’s collusion with other bid committees members associations of FIFA.»

«In addition to the statements made Kozo too Tashimo (head of the Japanese application), there is no sign that the bid Committee Russia participated in collusion or cooperation with other member Association of FIFA or application committees, to influence the electoral process», — stated in the document. Representatives of Russia have accused that they have influenced the favorable outcome of the voting to determine the host country of the 2018 world Cup by the delivery of certain gifts. «The gifts that were received by members of the FIFA Executive Committee from the organizing Committee «Russia-2018″, had, as indicated in documents and testimonies, symbolic value», — stated in the document FIFA.

«Despite the fact that the costs of travel and accommodation for members of the FIFA Executive Committee (in part accompanied by their families) were accepted by the organizing Committee of Russia, the costs were reasonable in accordance with applicable rules of FIFA, is thus, the Garcia report evidence respecting the Russians of the rules of international organizations. No documents provided for reference, or statements made by the surveyed persons indicate that the organizing Committee «Russia-2018″ or the Russian government tried to influence the electoral process through projects for the development of football or organizations of friendly matches».
Prince William and Cameron involved in the scandal?

Claims of the ethics Committee of FIFA to the organizing Committee «Russia-2018» could consist only in the fact that the Russian side does not always pre-notify FIFA about contacts with members of the Executive Committee of the international Federation, which implies the regulations, however, these facts have not been perceived as serious violations.

«In particular, the obligation to inform us of any contacts with the members of the FIFA Executive Committee had met on only three occasions, is marked in the report. — Other contact with members of the FIFA Executive Committee was presented retroactively. Some of the meetings or contacts that have been extracted from the documents, were not reported. But, despite the above, there is not sufficient evidence that would confirm that the bid Committee Russia tried to unlawfully influence the election process by contacting members of the FIFA Executive Committee».

To the General Director of organizing Committee «Russia-2018» Alexey Sorokin, by his own admission, the Committee’s findings were «expected and quite clear». «Nothing wrong and did not happen» — said Sorokin, who during the investigation had no doubt of the artificiality of the allegations against its structure. However, he was surprised that the report was published «right now» and not when incurred. «Any claims and complaints on the bidding of Russia. The most important thing. From the beginning, we assured all inquirers. I hope now the situation have been exhausted regarding the world Cup in Russia», — he said.

While Sorokin admits that the attack on Russia on this topic can continue. «If the will of someone is, you can not end the attacks. But it will be strange to hear the same questions, the answers to which are given in the official report of the FIFA Russia», — said the General Director of the organizing Committee of the 2018 world Cup. «I don’t think this talk would subside now someone else will say that some investigation is» — suggested the Deputy Prime Minister, the President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vitaly Mutko, but to all the doubters counseled: «Let them read the report of FIFA».

Perhaps, the main sources of suspicion on the question of the legality of obtaining the world Cup to Russia was the outgrowth of England, because this country was the main competitor of the Russian party in the elections in December 2010. Garcia’s report shows that the Chairman of the English bid campaign Jeff Thompson confirmed that Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William, he met at that time with the current Vice-President of FIFA, Jong Monguno in one of the hotels of Zurich on the eve of the election procedure.

«The Prime Minister asked Chon Manguna to vote for the bid of England. He said he would do it if Thompson would vote for Korea. Thompson agreed,» says the report based on the data provided by the British delegation. , Chung mangun, in turn, denied the holding of such meeting. Recall that the Korean official in early October 2015, was dismissed by the Committee on the ethics of FIFA from football activities for six years. After his suspension was reduced for a year.

The application of Qatar for the 2022 world Cup confirms its integrity

Garcia’s report also found no critical violations on the issue of the application of Qatar to host the tournament in 2022 and bids US, which also claimed the world Cup the same year. «We welcome the publication of the Garcia report, — stated in the message of representatives of the organizing Committee of Qatar 2022 world Cup, which leads Reuters. — We believe that the scope of our cooperation with the investigation and the report findings are proof of the integrity of our bid».

Plot not found: FIFA checked the legal obtaining of the Russia 2018 world Cup© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in photobacteria increased the budget of the 2018 world Cup football is nearly five billion, rublack American «had no complaints, and no suspicion of the bid the organizing Committee the US was not exposed,» but as he investigated the whole electoral process, apply for USA also decided to consider, although it was investigated, the report said, «on the residual principle». Borbély investigated the according American application the code of ethics of FIFA. The report States that there was not a single episode with the transfer of expensive gifts to the members of the FIFA Executive Committee, representatives of the bid Committee, the United States did not engage in collusion with members of other associations, in no way trying to influence the election process.