«Prisoners applauding them»: in the prisons of France are preparing new attacks

© AP Photo / Francois Magoline France during operations in the area of Saint-Denis«Prisoners applauding them»: in the prisons of France are preparing new attacks© AP Photo / Francois Mori

The staff of the penitentiary institutions of France, concerned about the rapid radicalization of Muslim prisoners, after the prison, many of them are preparing attacks inside the country, according to National Public Radio (NPR).

The Director of one of Europe’s largest prisons — Fresnes — Philippe Commitment stated in a radio interview that he saw a radicalization of prisoners long before the terrorist attacks of 2015.

«Some radical Muslims, has placed tremendous pressure on ordinary Muslims in order to impose a certain behavior. For example, to those not watching TV and not listening to the music,» says a Commitment.

Some of the «homegrown terrorists» and commit attacks in France and Belgium. In this regard, in 2016, the French government invested heavily in a programme of counter-radicalization in the prison environment. According to her, the inmates go to psychologists and historians, participate in special trainings.

However, once in November last year, the criminals attacked the two guards, the French interior Ministry canceled the program. Instead, authorities have increased security in the prisons.

At the beginning of this year for prisons was created by the Bureau of Central intelligence. As NPR argues, this measure caused by the need to collect as much data as possible among prisoners.

Now on charges of terrorism are serving sentence of 350 people. Still sitting 1340 prisoners for crimes motivated by extremism.

«France rejects them»

«When abdeslem Salah (party attack on the club «Bataclan» 13 Nov 2015 — ed) arrived at the prison, the prisoners he clapped. You know what I mean? When he arrived in prison, they clapped, they applauded!», — says the head of the organization Together Against Recidivism, dedicated to improving the lives of prisoners, Pierre Boston.

According to him, more than 70% of the prison population of Paris and its suburbs are Muslim. However, this statistic, as he said in an interview with radio unofficial data based on the number celebrating Eid al-Fitr in prison.

The Imam of the prison in Normandy Janis Warach seen how they recruit in the prisons of new terrorists. In many cases, radical preachers depends on the question of survival.

«These preachers at first are a great help because they see the despair of the prisoner They establish a friendship with him, give him what he needed, and then say that it happened by the will of fate. They then say that God has a mission for him. And gradually, they are brainwashed, stressing that French society had rejected him, he can’t get to work because of his Arabic name and that he always got into the worst class in school» — says the Imam.

«The problem is that often it really is,» adds Warach.