Putin: relations between Russia and Germany are developing, despite the difficulties

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. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is happy with the development of relations of Moscow and Berlin, despite the difficulties of recent times, and hopes to consolidate and develop the results achieved.

«At the national level we have a relationship developing in spite of the difficulties», — stated the head of state at a meeting with foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel in the Kremlin. Putin noted that «trade is growing, and this year he for the first time increased by a significant amount». In the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation, «there are other positive trends.»

«We are very happy, should fix it, I hope that your visit will also contribute to this», — Putin addressed to Gabriel.

The Russian leader praised held in Krasnodar, a Conference of partner cities of the two countries, which was attended by the German Minister. «We’ve got the most applause when he said that despite political differences it is necessary to promote rapprochement, not division of people,» shared Gabrielle with Putin impressions on the forum.